Local Comic Stores and Coronavirus

With distribution halted at the moment, local comic stores across the country have closed their doors temporarily. Yesterday was the last day my LCS will be open for awhile. I am curious how your shop owners are feeling about this situation.

My guy is relatively upbeat. His landlord is working with him on his rent, and he is confident that soon Congress will finish playing politics and get a stimulus bill passed. He, like all of us, hopes things return to normal sooner than later. Our area is not hard hit by the virus, so it is all up to Diamond, at this point.

How is your LCS holding up?


my LCS owner seems pretty optimistic so hopefully it all passes soon! We’ll all get through this soon and we’ll be able to go shop without worry once more!


I think you’re right, Jordan. We’ll get through this, and things will return to normal. With the checks coming out, I plan on using a little bit of mine at my LCS to help him out. Local small businesses are hurting right now, and if closes I’ll have to drive an hour to get my subscriptions.


Many comic books stores are moving to Social Media. A couple of shops we go to have Facebook auctions where they have vintage books, collectibles, and other nerd stuff. The store closest to us offers curb side pick up or delivery for a fee.