Lobo should get his own DC Universe original show!

It should be dark, funny, and have an R rated tone not unlike Swamp Thing. Also if they were to make the show it should definitely not skimp out on the weird similar to how they’ve handled Doom Patrol’s approach.


An animated TV-MA Lobo series would be the bee’s knees.


I don’t care about that as long as he drops into every young justice season and wrecks the team


That would be fragnificent!! Would be down for an animated version too.

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Strong agree. If you’ve seen the Amazon The Tick series, something like that with Lobo would be amazing.

I would love to see a true to the comic Lobo live action series! But, he would probably be better suited to an animated series with all the violence and craziness intact and probably cheaper than trying to do it in a live action series.