Live Q&A with Neil Jackson, Icicle of STARGIRL! Wed, 6/17 @10am PT/1pm ET

Live Q&A with Neil Jackson, Icicle of STARGIRL! Wed, 6/17 @10am PT/1pm ET

Joining us to talk all things on and off-screen of Stargirl is the man himself, Neil Jackson! Ask him all your questions about what it’s like on the set, donning the chilly blue, and being a part of the DC legacy on Monday, June 6th at 11am PT/2pm ET!

Please limit to just 1 question; this way, everyone has a chance to get a response in the limited time we have :slight_smile: Thanks!

Add your questions in the comments below, and come back at 10am PT/1pm ET on Wednesday, June 16th to read Neil’s answers LIVE!


Hello Neil, I’ve been enjoying watching Stargirl, how long did it take to put on the Icicles blue makeup? Thankyou. :grinning::cold_face::snowflake:

Edit: I just finish watching episode 3, and WOW you are so good at playing a chilly villain!:slightly_smiling_face: You should win a Emmy for best Villain.


Hello Neil! Thank you for taking the opportunity to answer some of our questions! How much do you enjoy the experience of working on Stargirl?


Hi Neil,
I have really enjoyed watching Stargirl, and your performance as Icicle. But I have to ask you about your part on Westworld season 2.
That cold opening to your episode and the great chemistry with your acting partner Katja Herbers was amazing. Plus the mystery of where this was taking place, later to discover it was another park The Raj. Made it one of the most memorable episodes to date of Westworld. Could you tell me a little bit more about how that role came about and where was the location of those scenes that you filmed and anything to add about filming them. Thanks!


Hi Mr. Neil Jackson,

In your opinion, what gives Icicle more of an edge over the other members of the injustice society? Also what aspects of the character you think makes him more qualified to be leader over the other members?


Hey, Neil! One thing DC is known for is having basically one ice villain per hero’s rogues gallery. What sets Icicle apart from the others? And what would he make of Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, or Killer Frost?


Hi Neil! Been a fan since you were in Make or Break it! My question is growing up did you ever have a favorite superhero (aka a DC superhero :wink:) and did you ever think that you yourself would be in a superhero show that people are using as an escape during this crazy time?

Thank you :smiley:


Hello thanks for stopping by.

If there was any other DC character you could play. Who would it be?


Hello Neil,
How familiar were you with Icicle before you got the role?


Hello Neil,
Do you enjoy being Icicle?

Hi Neil hope you’re staying safe in these crazy times. I was a huge fan of your work on sleepy hollow and am stoked to see more of you in Stargirl! Of all the Stargirl episodes you worked on which one was your favorite? Can’t wait to see the rest of the season and hope you have a good rest of you’re day :smiley: :smiley:

Hello Neil and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I’m really enjoying Stargirl so far. My question is do you like to play the hero or the villain more and why?

What was it like shooting scenes where Icicle uses his powers and abilities? Was there a big difference between practical effects v. post-production work?


Hi Neil! Thanks so much for portraying an amazing Icicle/Jordan. You’re truly the best Jordan/Icicle that we could ask for. Thanks for giving it your all! My questions are pretty basic, sorry about that

  1. Icicle is such a layered and dynamic character with a very complicated past. How was it tapping into that anger and desire for change that Jordan feels?
  2. How would you describe Jordan’s actions/emotions this season?

Welcome Neil!

This isn’t the first time you’ve portrayed a baddie for a comic book TV show, having played Marcus on the Blade series which incidentally Stargirl creator/producer Geoff Johns worked on as a writer. I’m curious if you and Geoff got to know each other on that project and kept in touch since and when if you had to go through the standard auditioning process or if Geoff Johns had you mind for Icicle as he was developing Stargirl?


A good villain believes themselves to be the hero of their own story and that they are completely justified in their action no matter how depraved. A great villain gets the audience to question whether they are right. Is there anything about Icicle that makes him the hero of Star Girl and how has this influenced your portrayal of the character?

Awesome show!

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Hey Neil!

I noticed in an interview that you worked with Geoff on “Blade: The Series”. Playing (assumingly) the main villain of the show; how did the audition process go for you with Geoff and your prior work experiences?

Hey, Mr. Jackson! I love your portrayal of Icicle so far. It’s ominous yet sinister.

I would like to ask who was your favorite person to film scenes with while on set last year?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I hope you are doing well.

Hello Neil, thanks for making time for us on here.

Blue Valley, Nebraska seems to have retained a lot of civic-minded villains trying to lie low.

How are you liking Nebraska, and if you could hide out in any city in the world, where would it be?