LIVE Q&A with Geoff Johns, Comic Book Writer, Television Producer, & Creator of STARGIRL! Thurs, 5/14 @5pm PT/8pm ET

Hi, Mr. Johns! Are there any obscure Captain Marvel villains that you plan to bring back to Shazam!? I have been reading a lot of Golden Age CM tales and they’re a real gold mine.

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Hello Geoff! You did outstanding work revamping Aquaman.

  1. It seems that Blackest Night/Brightest Day was an unofficial reboot of sorts, seeing as Aquaman and Mera seemingly no longer had their dry land weakness and were bullet resistant per their powers, and Mera’s original past as assassin was revealed. Is any of this fair to say, and what was the “Atlantean” craft business at the end of Brightest Day all about?

  2. Also, were there plans to reintroduce Lorena Marquez in the post-Flashpoint verse? She was a great character who was wasted.

Hi Geoff, is it possible that there’s going to be any future plans for Earth 1985?

Hello Geoff, I’m a big fan. I am really looking forward to watching Green Lantern on HBO Max. Will we be getting news on that sometime soon? Also, I would really enjoy seeing Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max.
Thanks, Clark


Hey Geoff
Just curious if you revised the list of your favorite superman moments in the last few years. Did that moment when he returned wearing his iconic black suit in ZS’s JL make the list? Thank you


For me the personal character arcs with all the characters in Stargirl is what I am excited for when it airs on Monday.


What is the overall plan for DC films in the next 10 years?

Do you plan to eventually start over the DC Film Universe from scratch?


Hey Geoff congratulations on the show.
My first question is how excited were you when Stargirl had a cameo in Legends of tomorrow.
And 2nd will both actress ever work together in a crossover young Stargirl meets older Stargirl whose broken down and she’s on the edge of moral bankruptcy. Or what ever they tried to do.
Thanks for all your hard work.


That would be awesome to see! Definitely would make my list…

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What other kind of surprises will be stored for season 1 of Stargirl? Also will you have a supporting role in season 1?



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Hi Geoff! Longtime fan!

  1. What comic storyline or arc of yours are you most proud of? I’d have a hard time choosing my favorite of your stories!

Hey Geoff Johns, great of you to stop by and do some Q&A with us. Your has been big influence ball over DC. With that said have 2 questions

  1. If were still writing Full Time for DC comics which of the current comic books would u want to write?
  2. What will the main theme be for Titans season 3?

Greetings, Citizens of DC Universe,

Wow! The outpouring of excitement and love for this Q&A has been incredible, thank you all so much for your questions! At this time, we have exceeded capacity for the amount of questions Mr. Johns will be able to answer in a single hour (by like, a lot). But hopefully we can get him to return in the future!
For now, we will not be accepting any more questions. Be sure to show your support by dropping a :+1: on comments throughout the Q&A :star2:


Hey, everyone! I’m so happy to be here. I hope everybody is safe and sound and doing the best that they can. I’m going to dive in and see if I can figure this out!


Okay, there’s a lot of questions here. I’ll answer as many as I can, everybody! Thanks for your patience!!!

Hi, CombustibleLemon!

  1. Rick Tyler, Yolanda Montez and Beth Chapel were chosen because we wanted a mix of legacy characters – I always loved Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite, they felt like The Flash and Green Lantern pairing of the JSA to me. They complimented one another. Hourman is about physicality and Dr. M about the intellectual. At least, that’s how we play them. For Yolanda, I never got the chance to work on this version of Wildcat. We almost put her in the 2005 Justice Society of America title, in fact there is an Alex Ross sketch of the cover for issue #1 floating around with her on it. Also, James Robinson – who is a good friend of mine – was a writer and producer on the show, and he was such an important part of exploring the JSA lore throughout. He wrote the episode that introduces Yolanda, so look for that. We have ideas for more Infinity Inc. and JSA characters to explore – and a surprise or two this season – so hopefully we’ll all get a chance to do that.

  2. Killing Zone is a project I’m very passionate about, taking some pretty obscure DC characters and putting them center stage. I’m waiting for a certain artist to become available before I start it. It’ll all depend on schedules for everything.

Thank you for the questions!!


Hi, BatmanMazz!

  1. I’m most grateful for the projects I’ve done with my favorite collaborators and friends. When you get to work with Gary Frank, Jason Fabok, Ivan Reis, Scott Kolins and so many others – or co-writers like Peter Tomasi and James Robinson. Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Grant Morrison on 52. Those are my favorite projects – done with my favorite people. They mean the most to me.

  2. Scott Kolins and I really enjoyed working on the Rogues together in The Flash, and subsequently various mini-series. Scott is such an underrated artist and an amazing storyteller. We’ve spoken about doing a CAPTAIN COLD series of some kind and have an idea we’d like to do, in the same vein as some of our favorite Korean action films and crime dramas. Scott’s the best.

Thanks for the questions! (I better type faster…!)



Hi, DJTHD! (What’s that stand for?! That’s MY question to YOU! Or should I know?)

  1. My favorite issue… man. I think I enjoyed GL #25 so much because I felt everything really came together working with everyone on it. The culmination of what we started with GL: Rebirth. But, I don’t know if I could say anymore. Again, it’s who I’m working with that make it the best. Doomsday Clock was particularly challenging in all the best ways, but Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson and letter Rob Leigh – and our editors Brian and Amedeo and Amie who designed all the back matter – it was such an amazing experience. I couldn’t say anymore, really.

  2. I love the Justice Society of America. Bryan Hitch and I would love to do something with them and have spoken to DC about it. We’ll see, but I agree – MORE COMIC BOOKS WITH THE JSA!!! I miss them quite a bit. Their history was always so interesting and intriguing to me. And I’ve always gravitated towards the underdog characters. The ones people usually glance over. There’s something about the obscure that I find myself more interested in a lot of the time. But, of course, I love every single character in the DC Universe. From Animal Man to Zatanna.



Hi, AlexanderKnox (I hope you survived CRISIS!)

Wow. What a great question. That’s so tricky. Honestly, when I wrote Flashpoint and Andy Kubert and I were working on it, it was never meant to lead to the New 52 originally. It was pretty late in the game when DC decided to do a line-wide reboot and – I want to support my fellow writers, artist and editors – and we were asked to have this series lead into New 52, so we did what we could with the ending. I think Dan Didio, who is a great friend of mine, has said – he wished there was more planning in the New 52. I agree. I was lucky because Aquaman and Green Lantern didn’t change much in the New 52, but I think a lot of people would’ve asked for more time to plan and think for their individual books. I would’ve liked more on the other stuff. It was moving so fast. I still think the most successful “reboot” was post-Crisis (original Crisis). So many amazing books came out of that era to me. John Byrne’s Superman. The Flash. Wonder Woman. Those relaunches were amazing!!!

But also, out of the New 52 came Scott and Greg’s Batman, which was great. Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man. There are always wonderful books that are born from these events – James Robinson’s Starman from Zero Hour. You know, everyone loves these characters and is trying their best, but when it’s something so big and wide, it’s a lot for everyone. And everyone who loves it has such a specific perspective on what the reboot should be – there are readers who love the Pre-Crisis Superman, Post-Crisis Superman, New 52 Superman.

I tried to do a very clean “timeline” shift in Doomsday Clock at the end of issue 12. That wouldn’t reboot anything so much as allow for a nice clean entry way back into the DCU we know and love and have been reading for weeks, months, years, decades (!).

Anyway, I’m rambling! GO READ STARMAN AND NEW 52 BATMAN!!



Hi, ArkhamAssassin! (That should be a comic book character!! PITCH IT! He can be like the Scourge of the DCU!)

  1. I’ve worked with so many great writers in television. One of them, Greg Berlanti, breaks story incredibly fast because he’s done so many episodes of television. It’s like a super power. Writing so many comics has helped me quite a bit. When I wrote Stars and STRIPE way back when (I forgot I’m supposed to bring this back to Stargirll!!!) it would take awhile to break the issue. But the more story you break, the faster things come together. For me, breaking story in comics has helped breaking story in television. I also think the serialized nature of comics is very close to tv – I love serialize storytelling. Cliffhangers! Growing up, cliffhangers were my favorite things in comics. They’d keep me coming back and my imagination wondering. Mark Waid wrote amazing cliffhangers in Flash when he wrote it. I was hooked by them. That was inspiring.

  2. I do know they are releasing Doomsday Clock as a full 12-issue collection at some point. I am not sure of the timing (and it’s probably not for me to say!) but it’s coming. Gary did such an unbelievable job on that series. I hope they do a black & white version at some point – his work is stunning. I never would’ve done the series without him. He’s a genius.