LIVE Q&A with Geoff Johns, Comic Book Writer, Television Producer, & Creator of STARGIRL! Thurs, 5/14 @5pm PT/8pm ET

Hi Mr. Johns I am a huge fan and I want to say I am so excited as a JSA fan. I loved your work on it and I am so excited for the show and as a fan of Hal Jordan aka Air Wave I was wondering if we could see Air Wave finally make his tv debut in season 2 of Stargirl. I feel the character is just so cool and would love to see him finally entering media. Once again I am a huge fan and love all your work and would love to see this character show up and maybe even get a spin-off.


Hey, huge Shazam fan. I have two questions about your terrific reboot (which was the basis my favorite DC movie)

  1. Why did you decide to move them to Philadelphia?

  2. Why did you change Freddy from the Elvis look to Harpo?

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Geoff, thanks so much for taking our questions, and I hope you are doing well and have stayed safe in the current environment. My questions are:

  1. Would you ever consider bringing back the Global Guardians to DC in a big way? I’ve always felt the concept was so ahead of its time, and I’ve been surprised that DC hasn’t done more to focus on this team of heroes from across the globe, though I know there have also been some other international teams. I love the idea of representation from so many countries.

  2. Would you ever consider writing a gay male superhero title, and if so, what would it be? I know you’ve written Pied Piper in Flash and other secondary characters, you’re involved in the Batwoman show, etc. But it would be so amazing to have such a great writer take a shot at either a new or existing gay hero as the star of a series (typically at DC they are limited to second or third-string characters and/or part of an ensemble cast), and I think you could elevate such a book into a very compelling ongoing series.


Hello thanks for stopping by.

So my questions are

There are so many versions of the joker and only three were chosen. Why were those three versions of joker chosen for the story?

Also I’ve been new to comics for about two years now and catching up on some current stuff thanks to DC Universe. But I’ve also been looking at some stuff throughout DC’s history from time to time and even when I wasn’t reading comics I’ve heard your name as an important name in the DC Universe but looking back at what I’ve read I don’t think I’ve read any of your stuff yet (except for Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E which I’m currently reading in hype for the show). But besides that what other of the books you’ve written would you recommend?


Howdy Mr. Johns! First off, I just want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for this universe that we all love. I hope you and yours have all been well with everything going on. I love everything that you’ve done but Superman Secret Origins, goodness thank you for that one! .

  1. Your understanding of DC characters and who they are at their core is beautiful and when you write Superman I am always in for a treat. Your writing paired with Frank’s art is DC at its best. (anytime Sup’s is drawn like Reeve it’s a win!). The Button and Doomsday Clock were great. Do you and Mr. Frank have any projects coming soon that you could tell us about, and is there a period of Sup’s life which you would like to explore further? Please give us another Superman story!

  2. Bridgewater from Cooke and Sale’s Kryptonite arc in Superman Confidential is a very interesting character. Have/would you ever entertained the idea of doing a mini story featuring him? I think it could be great in your hands. Possibly have each issue set on a different world with him observing it while reveling secrets of the DC universe or call backs to stories and forgotten characters.

Mr. Johns this question is from one of our fellow DCU members who unfortunately due to the financial stress brought on by the COVID-19 is unable to have an active account at this time. He is without a doubt one of your biggest fans and it would mean so much if you could answer his question.

@DCComicsCrisis ask: Mr. Johns if you were put in a position equivalent to Kevin Feige at Marvel having full control for the DCEU, what would the blueprint for your cinematic universe look like from start to finish, characters you would have and what comic stories would you adapt if not purely original?

Thanks for doing this Q&A .


Dear Geoff,
I love your work and have for years.
My question is: With the current DC animated universe ending, would you consider using the cgi used in the videogame Injustice 2 to animate future movies?

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Good afternoon, Mr. Johns,

I got into comics when I was 8 because I randomly found Green Lantern: Secret Origin at a book fair and it’s still one of my favorite books of all time. You genuinely did change my life because of your work and I wanted to thank you for that.

  1. So during the New 52, you did a little bit of work on Stargirl and Shazam. However, I noticed that the two characters sort of switched personalities.
    with Billy being more rude like original Courtney and Courtney being more purehearted, like original Billy. Did you take the opportunity of the reboot to drastically change some more characters?

  2. Right before Darkseid War, there was an iteration of the Justice League with Captain Cold and Lex Luthor. At one point, Cold says to Mirror Master that he was working to “pull off the biggest job of their lives.” Then Rebirth happened and it was never resolved. I just gotta know what that plan initially was because it’s been bugging me for five years.

  Hello, Geoff. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today. I have a couple burning questions I was wondering if you could answer:
  1. Could you talk a little about the coming Green Lantern television series on HBO and what it might look like? I know many, many fans are dying to know a little more about it.
  2. You have written many comic book titles over the years, like JSA, Green Lantern, and The Flash. If you could only return to one series that you previously wrote for, which would you choose?

Thank you. Your dedication to the DC Community provides comfort and a much-needed diversion in these challenging times.


Hello Mr. Johns,

Here are my 2 questions for you.

  1. How can someone submit their ideas for new Intellectual DC Comic Properties?

  2. In keeping consistent with the new Intellectual Properties how can someone submit ideas for new DC Universe streaming content?


Hello Geoff!

Looking forward to watching Stargirl. I actually have a few questions about Titans. Missed you season 2 and hope you will be more involved with future seasons.

  1. Any chance we’ll see Kory flying and Tamaran backstory since next season is about Starfire and Blackfire?
  2. There are a lot of rumors about spin offs (Red Hood, Hawk & Dove) do you know if there is any truth to that?

Thanks in advance. We’re kind of dying for any kind of content since the show likely wont return this year.


Hey Geoff! Great to have you here on the DC Community!

-I see that Tom Root is involved with the Stargirl TV series. You’ve worked with him on Robot Chicken DC Specials and Titan Maximum animated series. For those who primarily know him for his work on aforementioned adult animated comedies, what unique strengths did he bring to Stargirl?

-Were there any ideas or stories for the original Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. that you weren’t able to get to before the series ended that you’ve been able to incorporate into the TV series?


Hello, Mr. Johns! I hope you and your family are doing well.

Two questions:

  1. You and Grant Morrison have two VERY different interpretations of the DC Universe in your heads, but both of you have worked together in the past (most notably, on the 52 event series). As a DC writer, how do you find that middle ground when working with someone whose vision of the universe/continuity may differ from yours?

  2. S.T.R.I.P.E, the robot suit that Pat Dugan builds to accompany Stargirl on different adventures, strikes me as having a bit of a mecha (Japanese for giant robots) influence. Was that on your mind at all when crafting the character or was that Lee Moder’s idea?


Hi Geoff, I’ve thought a lot about the real Courtney Whitmore since reading the Stargirl series.

  1. What was Courtney like as a person and what do you remember most about her?

  2. What aspects of her personality did Brec accurately re-create and what did she add that was different and surprising?

Thanks again! I appreciate your answers to these questions.


Hi Mr. Johns,
You’re known for reinventing characters and adding huge elements to the mythos of the characters you work on. Are you able to give some insight into what you look for when delving into a characters history in order to do this?

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Hi Geoff, I have questions for you:
1, will we see Billy Batson meets Captain Marvel from other earths?
2, any tease for JSA returns in your SHAZAM! series?


Hello Geoff,
I have to be honest, I’m still relatively new to comics but so much of what I’ve enjoyed has been written by you! I now want to try and take writing seriously. How did you find your passion for writing and what were some of the first steps you took in pursuing it? Thank you!

Hi Geoff! Longtime fan of your work, and had the pleasure of meeting you at C2E2 way back. Can you provide any update on “The Killing Zone” line of books that was to focus on new and lesser known DC characters and titles?


Hi Geoff. Long time fan of yours from the beginning. Will you be doing any more Batman Earth One volumes and if so, when? It’s a GREAT interpretation of Bruce and the whole Batman mythos.

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Hello Mr Johns, I just want to say that you have been and always will be my favourite comic book writer. Your Green Lantern is the reason I fall in love with comics and the DC universe. You made Hal Jordan and Sinestro my favourite characters. I’m also a great fan of your depiction on Wally West, Booster Gold, and many other characters. Your creativity and storytelling are always so inspiring and entertaining. Everything you touched is totally wonderful and magnificent.

  1. Here’s a question that I’ve been wanting to ask for years: In 2010, you planned an sequel for Green Lantern: Secret Origin about Sinestro’s downfall. At that time you said the story was already done but the book was depending on schedule. I would like to know is there any chance we could see this story in the future? In any form?

  2. We learnt that you are involved in producing a TV series and a movie project featuring Green Lanterns. Are we going to see the mentor-apprentice dynamics of Sinestro/Hal (like Obiwan/Anakin?) in live-action shows? 'Cause I always feel that part hasn’t been explored much in comics and deserves to be delved into more.

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

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Hey Geoff!

  1. What is a character that you haven’t had a chance to really write yet, but would really love to?

  2. Is there a favorite issue of yours from your N52 JL run?

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