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Hi, ArkhamAssassin! (That should be a comic book character!! PITCH IT! He can be like the Scourge of the DCU!)

  1. I’ve worked with so many great writers in television. One of them, Greg Berlanti, breaks story incredibly fast because he’s done so many episodes of television. It’s like a super power. Writing so many comics has helped me quite a bit. When I wrote Stars and STRIPE way back when (I forgot I’m supposed to bring this back to Stargirll!!!) it would take awhile to break the issue. But the more story you break, the faster things come together. For me, breaking story in comics has helped breaking story in television. I also think the serialized nature of comics is very close to tv – I love serialize storytelling. Cliffhangers! Growing up, cliffhangers were my favorite things in comics. They’d keep me coming back and my imagination wondering. Mark Waid wrote amazing cliffhangers in Flash when he wrote it. I was hooked by them. That was inspiring.

  2. I do know they are releasing Doomsday Clock as a full 12-issue collection at some point. I am not sure of the timing (and it’s probably not for me to say!) but it’s coming. Gary did such an unbelievable job on that series. I hope they do a black & white version at some point – his work is stunning. I never would’ve done the series without him. He’s a genius.



Hi, ajm08g! (That is a specific handle… does DCU let you have handles like SUPERMANEARTH43? They should do that instead of random selections of letters and numbers – if this is your real name, ajm08g, I apologize!)

Wow. Writing Smallville way back when and the JSA was such a different experience. It was a great one, and ironically the director of Stargirl 101 was Glen Winter who directed part 1 of that!!! I had done a Legion episode of Smallville and they asked me the next year to pitch them something – I pitched them JSA and they liked the idea of introducing Clark and the team to them. So I spent about 2 weeks in the writers room with everyone. Darren Swimmer was co-running it with Todd Slavkin, and they had a lot of stories going already that the JSA story interweaved with. So I was there to help serve and break the story for Smallville, focused on Clark and the others. The JSA were guest-stars, rather than the focus. It was never meant as a backdoor pilot or anything but an episode of Smallville. So the focus wasn’t on Courtney and the JSA necessarily. The advantage – and it’s been such a blast to do it – of doing Stargirl with her front and center and the JSA there, it gave us the opportunity to set a different world, a different tone for the show. It was a JSA-first show. They weren’t guest stars here. Glen Winter did such an amazing job – I liken Glen to my collaborators like Gary Frank and Jason Fabok – Glen and I have worked together quite a bit, including the Flash episode where we introduced Captain Cold. He’s an unbelievable director and Stargirl was so lucky to have him for the pilot. He did the Doom Patrol pilot too – anyone who is a fan of Grant Morrison’s run should check out that show. The showrunner, Jeremy Carver, and his team have done such a wonderful job.

And – the craziest construct a Green Lantern has ever created with their ring?! Hm… I don’t know… but I’m sure it can be topped.



Hi, Dennis! (A REAL NAME!)

I thought Damon did a fantastic job on it – he’s such an amazing storyteller, truly one of the greats. I cannot wait to see what he does next. It was such a different type of story than Doomsday Clock, timing was the only thing we really crossed over – I guess some work with Dr. Manahttan too!



Hi, Shugstastic!

  1. I’m sorry I killed your favorite character in Infinite Crisis! If it’s any consolation Superboy is my second favorite character of all-time behind Flash and it destroyed me to do it. They wanted Nightwing killed and I refused to do it because I didn’t ever really write Nightwing, I didn’t feel it was genuine and I didn’t know how to do it. So I said, “What about Superboy instead?” Because I knew it would affect the other heroes around him – the Titans, too – and I felt like I loved the character so much, I had written him in Titans for 3 years, that I could do it. I also thought – he’s clone – and I thought a storyline for Tim Drake (MY FAVORITE ROBIN!) trying to clone his best friend would be a good one to explore in Titans. I actually left the Titans book not too long after because it was so hard to write it for me without Superboy. He was such a favorite character of mine. We eventually brought him back in Legion of Three Worlds and then Francis Manapul and I did a run with him in Adventure Comics. Franics’ work on that is nothing short of spectacular. It looks like it was painted. He changed his style for that.

  2. I don’t think there’s a character I would do that with. I’ve killed characters and they have stayed dead in my runs, like that I have done, but I wouldn’t want DC to say “THEY WILL NEVER BE BACK NO MATTER WHAT!” because who knows what writer has a great idea for the character. Look what the great John Ostrander and Kim Yale did with Barbara Gordon and making her Oracle? And so many others…

Thanks! (Typing as fast as I can!!!)


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  1. As soon as the world is in a place that’s making conventions possible again, I can’t wait. I have always loved them. It’s where people come together who LOVE something. I’ve always found it such a positive experience since I started going as a kid. So I don’t know where or when it’ll be, but hopefully I’ll see you at one sooner or later. I miss conventions (and people) A LOT. I’ve met so many wonderful people that have become my closest friends at shows. When I was a kid, I met my best friend through comics – comics connect. The love for these characters connect.

  2. Wow! You have a good memory. There are always threads that you begin and hopefully payoff in books. I always try to, but in these cases… Black Adam and Isis… we introduced this idea of the Rock of Finality and there was a villain within it we were going to explore, but we never got to it. I loved the idea of the Seven Virtues of Man and an evil Wizard with a connection to ours… it would’ve been fun. Oh, Sinestro: Secret Origin!!! Ivan and I were dying to do that!! I still have that story. We ended up jumping to Aquaman, I believe. That is one regret I have in comics. I wish I had stayed on Aquaman a bit longer. We had some stories – like the Rise of the Seven Seas – that we were going to tell. Ultimately, Rebirth and everything that came after that made the story impossible.

Bonus Question: Stargirl question!! Cool! I can’t say much about that yet, but we are hoping the show continues so we can play with other JSA characters and we have some ideas. James Robinson and I are talking non-stop!!



Hi, bseifert.803!

I don’t know if there are imminent plans, but I hope so! I love the Legion of Super-Heroes. I think there are so many great runs to drawn from. I love Paul Levitz’s classic take and then Keith Giffen’s reboot. I also really enjoyed Mark Waid and Tom Peyer’s run after Zero Hour. That’s what I really grew up on. But I would kill to see a Legion tv show. And they could figure out how to make it now with VFX.

Long Live The Legion!


Hi, Arrow2911!

  1. SO MANY! Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, John Ostrander, Keith Giffen, John Byrne, Marv Wolfman, Dan Jurgens, Peter Milligan and way too many more to list. And my friends always inspire me. Greg Rucka. Ed Brubaker. Peter Tomasi.

  2. Yes, you will. But I cannot say who! They are from the Golden Age though…



Hi, Reganfan78!

  1. I don’t know of anything in the immediate future, but who knows!

  2. Wow. Thanks for that question. My sister, who was the youngest of us, was so driven to prove herself and she had such a good heart and positive energy, I wanted that to live on. So Stargirl was inspired by her. She’s her own character, of course, but her spirit was what influenced me. I am so grateful for everyone that worked on that initial book. My co-creator Lee Moder, who drew it, our editor Mike Carlin (who named Doomsday! Did you know that?!) and Chuck Kim, James Robinson, so many people made that book happen.

And, yes, Pat tries really, really hard to be a good stepfather!! He does his best. He’s just not always the best at it… but you’ll see in the series a real interesting evolution of Courtney, Pat and Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. (isn’t that a pain to type!!!)




1/2. His name was changed to Shazam years ago – maybe he’ll go by Captain Marvel again! That’s certainly what Superboy-Prime calls him coming up in the series!

And that’s it (already!). We’ll do this again! Thank you all for everything, for your time and from one comic book fan to another – stay safe, healthy, thank you if you are one of the essential workers out there or first responders. I hope we’re all at a comic con together soon celebrating our shared love and passion for everything comic books!



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@Geoff_Johns Thank you so much for joining us today and answering my question! It is great that you have developed so many great friendships through your comic work!


He didn’t get to my question (keeping it in my back-pocket for now), but I’m honestly just happy he was here.


@Geoff_Johns, You didn’t get to me, NP, Maybe next time. But thanks for this! You are a great inspiration to many of us!


If I ever get a chance to pitch a character, I’ll definitely pitch the Arkham Assassin. If it’s got your endorsement, I’m sure it’ll do well! And I can definitely stand to wait for a full Doomsday Clock collection as long as it’s coming. Thanks so much for all your time and insight tonight!


No worries Mr. Johns. :sunglasses:
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@Geoff_Johns sadly you didn’t get to me I hope you at least saw my question I hope I helped at least get the idea in your head for Air Wave to finally make his debut in tv and movies. Thank you for answering all of our questions and it is good to hear that not only is Tim Drake your favorite Robin(he is also mine) but also that one of my favorite characters: Captain Cold might finally get a miniseries and or on-going series. Thank you for being here and I hope to see Larry/Hal Jordan: Air Wave one day on my tv screen.


A captain cold series would be AWESOME!!


Awesome thanks for stopping by.

Stay Safe and enjoy.


I personally am in love with Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of Captain Cold, and MISS the character in the Arrowverse. If there was a Captain Cold tv show (ENTIRELY possible now since the Crisis has resurrected dead people already) I’d watch it! And a comic book would be fun too. Speaking of cold characters though, I am currently watching Season 3 of Young Justice, and I so LOVE the unexpectedly fun frenemy relationship between Icicle Jr. and Superboy. I’d love to see that explored further too, it caught me off-guard as a genius idea.

I missed my opportunity to ask a question, but that’s ok. Everyone wrote out some great questions here so I feel like I didn’t really have a need to ask anything this time out. But I do have a burning need to know if Doctor Fate will be in the Stargirl show. I remember how awesome the character looked in Smallville, probably was my favorite moment of the series next to that Legion episode. Calum Worthy, who played Lightning Lad, quickly became my favorite of the Legion members. If we ever did get a live-action Legion… I’d want Geoff to write it because those two stories for Smallville were my absolute favorites from the whole series.