Live Q&A with April Bowlby, AKA Rita Farr of DOOM PATROL! Thursday, 6/25 @1pm PT/4pm ET

Live Q&A with April Bowlby, Rita Farr of DOOM PATROL! Thurs, 6/25 @1pm PT/4pm ET


Joining us to talk all things Rita Farr and Doom Patrol is the glamour queen herself, April Bowlby! Ask her your questions about being part of earth’s weirdest heroes, how the filming of the second season compares to the first, and more on Thursday, June 25th at 1pm PT/4pm ET!

Please limit to just 1 question; this way, everyone has a chance to get a response in the limited time we have :slight_smile: Thanks!

Add your questions in the comments below, and come back Thursday, June 25th to read Rita’s answers LIVE!


Hi April! Would you like to crossover again with Titans in the future?


Hi Ms. April Bowlby,

I just wanted to start off by saying that I absolutely love your portrayal of Rita Farr aka Elasta-Woman!!! :heart_eyes:

We have seen many variations of comic book costumes on the show for numerous characters, will Rita have an official superhero suit this season. Also in your opinion, which ice cream flavor would you say best represents Rita’s personality? :thinking:

Thank you in advance!!! :blush:

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Welcome April!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the first time I encountered your work as an actress was in a guest appearance in one of my fave shows Psych as Lassiter’s young sister.

Now onto question, as much as I enjoy Rita I initially found it hard to empathize with her narcissistic and selfish personality UNTIL we saw her parents and her past childhood as Gertrude Kramp.
Did knowing Rita’s past help you connect with the character’s humanity and make it easier to connect with as a performer?


Hi April! Just wanted to say I’m stoked for season 2!!! Anyways…have you watched any other dc universe originals (Swamp Thing, Titans, and Stargirl? Which is your favorite?


Hi April,
Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I really enjoyed season 1 and look forward to season 2 this week. In season 1 I loved the costume design and set design, some of your outfits were amazing and also the old fashioned movie posters made for Rita’s various films.
Which were your favorite outfits from season 1 and which movie poster did you like the best and did they give you copies of the posters?


Thanks so much for doing this q&a.
What are some of your favorite thing’s from the show?


Ms. Bowlby, I have to apologize to you. I have had a crush on you (and Rita) since the first Doom Patrol episode, and I hope you don’t mind. Each week, I enjoy watching the show for your beauty, grace and charm. I also loved the ending of the first season and I thought you looked cute that tiny! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway, my question is, would you like to see characters from other DC Universe shows guest star on the series? I think Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy could liven things up. I also would like to see Rita use her powers more extensively than she had in season one. Thanks.


@godolphin, it would be awesome if the good people at DC Universe would make copies of those posters available for purchase.


Hello thanks for stopping by.

You are awesome on the can’t wait for the premiere of season 2.

My question is from the trailer it looks like Rita is going to connect with her elasticity.
If you had her powers what would want to do with them?


April, thank you for a great performance in a great show :slightly_smiling_face:.

Given many bizarre and crazy things happen during the course of the show (I mean that in a good way), can you share with us a funny moment/story that maybe happened between cast & crew behind the scenes? I just have a feeling you guys have a ball filming :grinning:.


Miss Bowlby,

Thanks for being here! Your work on the show has been remarkable. It’s been like watching a work of art or living poem make its way across the screen.

I love the voice you have given Rita on the show. She feels so true to her era and it intertwines quite deftly in the modern setting of Doom Patrol. Rita’s speaking cadence is so bona fide . . . did you watch film of golden age Hollywood actresses or listen to reels of how people spoke through the decades of the 30s-50s for research?


Hi April! Thanks for taking some time to answer our questions! I have really enjoyed seeing your growth as a character throughout the first season. You’ve done a wonderful job of showing her trying to find her spot on the team! Is there another character you would love to play in the DC Universe?


Good afternoon,

Thanks for your time.
Which episode, this season or last, was your personal favorite to film?


Good to have you here April!

How have your fellow cast mates and your relationships with them informed the way you play your character? The show is really unique in the way it really focuses on the characters and their respective developments and relationships, so I wonder—in addition to all of the work you yourself put into your character—how much the people around you have influenced your performance.

Thanks for your dedicated time and awesome performance as Rita :smiley:

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Hey April!
First off, wanna say that your performance as Rita in the first season was amazing and can’t wait to watch season 2!
And my question would be what moment for first season and this season was the most impactful for Rita?

Can’t wait to see more of Rita in season 2! :heart:


Hi April thanks for answering our questions. My question is what was the weirdest moments to film in either season?


:wave: Helloooo April! :grinning:

You are an absolute delight as Rita on Doom Patrol and we are so pleased to have you joining us in the DCU for some Q&A!

My Question:
Rita’s “powers” are so different from many other characters and must take a lot of imagination to embody. Do you find it challenging to get into that mindset or are there interesting behind-the-scenes techniques you use to fully embrace Rita’s liquid form?

Thank you again for being such an amazing talent on the show! :rita_dp:


Hello, April. Thank you for being here. I’m currently rewatching episode 1x15 before season 2. I hope everything is well.

My question for you: Since the character you debuted as in Titans was recently revealed to be the Earth 9 version of Rita Farr in the multiverse, would you be open to the idea of having the current version of Rita Farr that you play in Doom Patrol (Earth 21) interact with the Titans version you initially played?


Hi Ms. Bowlby, thank you for answering questions from the fans of Doom Patrol. I love how you portray Rita as someone who even though she doesn’t want to get involved deep down she is a good person and will eventually do what is right. My question for you is when you’re reading the scripts or are on the set to film do you ever look around and think what they heck is going on with how much crazy things happen on the show?
Thanks again for answering questions can’t wait to watch Season 2 and hopefully Season 3 and beyond!