Live Q&A w/ Todd McFarlane, McFarlane Toys CEO and Creative Force, Thurs 4/30 @5pm PT/8pm ET!


Live Q&A w/ Todd McFarlane, Thurs, 4/30 @5pm PT/8pm ET!

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Starting Thursday, April 30th at 5pm PT/8pm ET, we’ll be hosting a LIVE Q&A with the one, the only, TODD MCFARLANE!

Please try to limit the number of questions asked to 1-2; this way, everyone has a chance to get a response in the limited time we have :slight_smile: Thanks!

Add your questions in the comments below, and come back at 5pm PT/8pm ET on Thursday, April 30th to read Todd’s answers LIVE!


Can you tell us about your experience working on Batman: Year Two? (Was it easy picking up the second part of Mike Barr’s story after Alan Davis completed the first issue? Did you feel any pressure to conform to the Davis style, or were you given carte blanche to do it in your own style? Were you concerned at all about audience expectations in light of the positive critical response to David Mazzucchelli’s work on Batman: Year One?) Any other anecdotes you have are welcome!


What is your favorite non-mainstream DC character and why? I would like to see you take on doing a limited series for Etrigan, Swamp Thing, or The Spectre. I think, based on your huge library of work, that you would make an amazing go of it. Who is your favorite DC Comics artist and why?


Do you have fond memories for Infinity Inc like the fans do (especially since your first extended professional comics work)? Who are your inspirations for your work?


I’m a big fan I was wondering will you be doing a Teen Titans Action figures line. Also is there anyway you would ever have a crossover with the two complete opposites Spawn and Superman? Thank you for your time and one of your biggest fans!

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What were your favorite DC characters growing up? Did any of them influence your writing or artistic style?

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Do you have a “dream project” you’d love to do at DC? If so, which character(s) would it include, and what’s a teaser for it? Would you write and draw it, or is there a “dream creator” you’d want to work with?

I would love to hear more about your work on Infinity Inc. It’s the first time I read your work and found it all to be very interesting for the time (particular breaking of the traditional page/panel structure). What led to that level of design? Did you get to design any of the characters yourself?

Have you Ever considered doing a Spawn crossover with Doom Patrol?

Of all the characters you have drawn or written for, which is your favorite and why?

Any chance of getting Multiverse figures based on the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series? I would love to Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, Formicida, Wonder Girl, and more…


Sometimes when you talk about what makes good comics or toys you mention appealing to your inner child. How do you keep in touch with your inner child to channel cool designs?


Do you plan to do a Godspeed figure in the Multiverse line? Real shallow and easy one to field here, buddy!!

Hey Todd, I am wondering if you have been approached about a reboot of a Spawn movie? If that was on the table, and knowing the way that the last movie played out, would you make sure that your vision of your character was brought to the big screen as he was meant to be?

Hello Mr. McFarland, I’m a huge fan of your art. I consider you and Jim Lee my two main inspirations. Just this chance to ask you one question is major. I’ve talked to several artists at different events and I always ask , how did they become a professional sequential artist? I mostly get very vague answers , or they knew someone in the industry already or just kinda blow me off. I would love to know what steps you took , what process you went through to become a professional artist for a comic label? Any information, tips , guidance would be more than appreciated. I’m currently making my portfolio but that’s as far a I got at the moment, lol. I know you get this all the time, but I wanna be just like you. Any advice for a unprofessional artist who’s trying? Thank you for your time Mr. McFarland.

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Hey Todd,

Are there any updates on the Spawn movie that you can talk about?

Big fan Todd. I have a two part question, will we see you doing some artwork for DC sometime in the future and will we be seeing some of your excellent DC Multiverse toys in your art style coming down the road?

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Thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to answer our questions. My question is if you could only choose one figurine from your company which one would you choose and why?

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Thanks for stopping by.

So my questions are

What was it like adding Spawn to Mortal Kombat 11?

Is there a figure you haven’t done yet the you want to do?


Thanks for your great work in the collectible action figure industry, Todd. Couple questions:

  • What other versions of Superman action figures might we be seeing from the Multiverse line in the near future?

  • Will McFarlane’s DC work be limited to the Multiverse figures, or will you also be making statues and other collectibles?