**Live Q&A w/ members of DC Collectibles & Toy Designer James Groman, Friday 10/25 11:30am-12:30am PST!**

Update: Thanks so much for all the questions, the Collectibles folks had a blast! They’re even talking about coming back to answer any questions they might not have gotten to, so I’m leaving this topic unlocked for now!

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Starting FRIDAY at 11:30am PST, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A with the staff of DC Collectibles, with a special appearance from legendary designer and sculptor James Groman! For one full hour, these experts in the field of collectible DC lore will answer all your questions about career, ideation, process, concept, and creation, and any other questions you’d like to ask.

Check out a sneak peek of the process here:


Be sure to add your question to the comments below, and come back here at 11:30am PST Friday to find out the answers!


The man, the myth, the legend, Jim Fletcher, is currently scheduled to be in attendance :man_dancing:


Hello, welcome to the community, and thank you for joining us to answer questions.

Question for all: What is your favorite part of your job?

Question for Mr. Groman: Which sculpture took the most time to complete, and how long did it take?


First off, welcome and thank you for doing this.

Now: what character(s) would you say spark the creative part of you brain the most? You know, the one that makes you want to forget that it’s a responsibility to create, and just makes you want to do it for fun?

Also, what is one character that you’ve never gotten to design a toy/collectible for but wish you had the chance.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for doing this! My question is, what are the chances of a new Raven statue coming to DC Collectibles? A Rebirth Raven would be a day one buy for me!

Hey James!

How does the mental process work for you? Do you see the piece in your mind before you ever sketch it out? Or is it more of a physical process that adapts and evolves on the page?

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:raised_back_of_hand: So cool! I have a few questions::raised_back_of_hand:

  • When creating the concept for a collectible, where do you start? What’s the first thing you consider?
  • What comes first? Personality of the creation, or does the creation build the personality?
  • What part do you usually start to sketch first?
  • How critical are you of your own work?
  • Have you ever hated something, but then years later actually loved it and recreated it?

Thank you for taking the time to be here well cyberspace here lol.
I have never been able to collect well any collectibles you know working only seems to pay the bill not much time for anything else. Yet I have always loved Collectibles.
What was the moment in your life that you realized this was your passion? What else do you like to dabble in?


Oh yay!! Here’s my quick little question: which collectable posed the greatest challenge for you creatively?


Do you collect figures? If so are you more a statue collector or an action figure collector?


Hi James! Love your work! My question is: what advice would you give to a young artist wanting to pursue designing Collectibles professionally? Also, as a personal request: please make an incredible Doctor Mid-Nite so I can have a truly prized piece in my collection.

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Hiya all! Thanks for taking time to answer some questions. Here are the first few things to come to mind for me:

  1. How will the new licensing deal with McFarlane Toys affect DC Collectibles’ action figure output?

  2. DC Icons was my favorite DCD/DCC action figure line of all time. Is there any chance of someday seeing some of the figures that were solicited but pulled? Losing that Booster Gold/Blue Beetle set just broke my heart. I don’t even mind if they’re more expensive! (Essentials are a solid line, I just preferred the aesthetic and scale of Icons.)

  3. Exclusive Justice League figures were released through DC Universe at launch of the service, but we’ve not seen any more from that particular line. Any plans for more JL (or other) figures from DCC? Personally, I’d love some Young Justice figures!

  4. You’ve expanded your B:TAS/TNBA line into The Adventures Continue - and they’re all looking pretty cool, but many of us would like to know if you’ll be returning to characters that actually appeared in those shows (or S:TAS or Batman Beyond). I know Red Claw comes up a lot in conversations I’ve had elsewhere, for instance.

(Yes, I love all of your statues and artifacts and other goodies, but action figures are my main collecting focus.)

I’ve been a fan of DC Direct since the 1998 Wonder Woman/Swamp Thing/Sandman wave. You’ve given me 20+ years of toy bliss (and I’ve always championed DCD/DCC compared to Mattel’s offerings), so I’d just like to thank everyone involved with your division. I have shelves and shelves of your product, and look forward to another 20 years of it. (I’ll have to buy a bigger house to display it all, but it’ll be worth it!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thanks again!


Ooo, I just thought of another:

  1. A few years ago, DCC created a line of 3.75" Green Lantern figures that started off as convention exclusives. At one of the cons, there was a fantastic giant Power Battery display with all of the figures positioned around and on it. I always hoped you’d eventually release it to retail, but it was seemingly not to be. Is it sitting in your warehouse somewhere alongside those unproduced prototypes?


Why am I always working when these are going on?! I’ll have to read and catch up after. Thank you everyone for taking the time to do this! Have a good Friday everyone!


Thanks for taking time out to share with us your super amazing career & the work that you do for it.
I am curious how someone gets to a position such as yours?
Did you go to college? Where? What did you study?
What do you consider as your first Big Break into the Industry?
Keep on making these amazing things & we will keep oohing & awing over them!

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How long does it usually take to sculpt a masterpiece like this

I’ve personally just started collecting, I prefer action figures because I can pose them in all sorts of ways!

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Thank you for answering our questions!
What is a dream project or character for you to make and what is the most requested project to make?

Hi there. My fiance and I are big collectors and are very much into prop replicas right now. It’s a cool way to feel like we are a part of the DC Universe in some small way. Can you tease any upcoming projects specifically or if not, possibly at least confirm whether there will be any new announcement regarding upcoming prop replicas that we might be interested in?

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