Live Q&A w/ John Wesley Shipp, AKA Barry Allen of THE FLASH (1990) & CW COIE, Fri, 5/29 @3pm PT/6pm ET!

Live Q&A w/ John Wesley Shipp Fri, 5/29 @3pm PT/6pm ET!

We couldn’t be more excited to invite a very special guest, a treasure of DC television, John Wesley Shipp!

You know him best from the 1990 series of The Flash, the very first televised appearance of the beloved Speedster, Barry Allen, as well as his recent show-stopping reprisal of the role during the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths cross-over special! Now is your chance to ask him everything you ever wanted to know about this beloved series, right here in the DC Universe Community!

Please limit the number of questions asked to ONLY 1; this way, everyone has a chance to get a response in the limited time we have. Thanks!

Add your questions in the comments below, and come back at 3pm PT/6pm ET on Friday, May 29th to read John’s answers LIVE!

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Hi Mr. Shipp! Hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Thank you for coming to answer fans questions!

  1. You’ve been acting for a long time, and in that time, you probably picked up some pieces of advice. Any advice that you can give the community?

1:46pm 5/22/2020


How do we keep the love alive after all these years?


Hi John,
Dawson’s Creek question. What was it like working on that series? And do you still keep in touch with any of your fellow castmates? Thanks.


Hello and thank you for joining us! I wonder what your thoughts are on what the Arrowverse has accomplished, how your role from the 1990’s Flash series was made cannon decades later on a completely different network and series, and how with Crisis the franchise was able to incorporate pretty much all of DC media into its multiverse. I just wonder, as someone who’s on the inside of it, what do you think of that achievement?


So nice to see you here, John! Thank you for joining us, and all of your contributions to the legacy of The Flash.

Your emotional performance across the glass from Grant Gustin was one of the highlights of The Flash’s first season. The longing between father and son to spend the time with each other denied to them by an unexplainable crime was so palpable. So it was kind of confusing to me that when Henry Allen was set free, he left his son behind to go sow his oats. I understand what being held in one place for so many years might do for a man’s needs to explore, but it was always strange to me how he deferred spending the time with his son he had longed for throughout that first season. How did you reconcile this while you were playing Henry, and how do you see that choice now?


Hello there Mr. Shipp! Thank you for your time in answering our questions! :superman_hv_4:
It has been fun seeing you be back in many different aspects in The Flash from portraying Barry’s father to Jay Garrick to even your own Barry Allen once more. :flash_hv_1:
It was a very touching scene that your Barry Allen had in the Crisis On Infinite Earth’s crossover with Christina McGee, and now recently Barry has had some trouble in being separated from Iris in a fashion unlike any other we’ve seen.

My question is, what advice would Jay or your Barry give to Barry this time to help him get through to the time where he will once again be reunited with Iris?


Hi John, it’s such a honor having you here! On your Flash show, what was your favorite episode that you film from the series? :flash_hv_1:


Thanks for joining us, Mr. Shipp and always being available on social media and interacting with fans!

How familiar were you with Barry’s fate from the comic version of Crisis and how did that inform your performance in the crossover? It was incredibly meaningful and moving for me seeing you during that special event. I’ve no shame in saying you led me to tears! THANK YOU for being The Flash! It’s meant the world to me for decades now!


Wow! Thank you so much for coming to answer questions from us. I was incredibly excited when I heard that you were going to be on the new CW Flash to play Barry’s father, and was completely happy that they gave you so much to do on the show.

My actual question though, from someone who watched your Flash show when it came out, is how did it feel for you to give YOUR Barry a finale after all these years?


Hello Mr Shipp,
A big fan of the original Flash series.

Having had a chance to play so many versions of Flash, how was it carrying the mantle of the original Flash, Jay Garrick?


Howdy Mr. Shipp!

Loved you in the original Flash show and you are great as Barry’s Dad and Jay in the CW show, I’m so glad you’ve been in it. I don’t have a question but I hope you know how much DC fans appreciate your work and for myself personally and I’m sure many others, would love it if you were apart of the JSA in the Black Adam movie. I don’t know how all that stuff works but I think it’s worth a pitch to WB!

Thank you for being the best Live Action Flash and stopping by to answer the fans questions.


Some of us here have just finished watching the entire 1990 series together, so your timing for joining us here is perfect. Did the showrunners ever communicate to you their long-term plans for the Barry/Tina relationship (had the show continued), and did you ever discuss with Amanda Pays where you thought it would go?


Thank you for answering our questions. My question is now that your role seems to be over as The Flash what other DC hero or villain would you like to portray next if you had a chance?


Hi Mr. Shipp,
My question is:
You’ve played many different characters on The Flash, which was your favorite to play and why? And if you could play a villain which would you want it to be?
Thank you for taking the time to answer fans questions we all really appreciate it.


Hi John, pleasure to have you here. How would you summarize your experience working on Guiding Light (1980-1984)?


Hi Mr. Shipp

Who is your favorite flash villains of all time?


Hi Mr. Shipp, thanks for doing the q&a.
What was your favorite part of the original flash show?

Also I would love an animated Jay Garrick movie staring you and several other older Dc t.v. star’s.


Holy smokes, this is awesome. John, I cheered out loud when we saw you in your 90s Flash costume during Crisis. How did it feel getting back to play your original superhero role?


Hello Mr. Shipp thank you for trying to connect during these times had the pleasure of meeting you last year and it was great :slightly_smiling_face:

My question is: How was it filming the Crisis on infinite earths event, specifically the cosmic treadmill parts as that was amazing seeing that part of the story being brought to live action hope you’re staying safe and thx again