LIVE Q&A: Scott Snyder writer of BATMAN and SWAMP THING! Friday, April 3rd @11am PT/2pm ET

I wanted to be an artist first - I had a portfolio all through high school and went to cons to show artists - but I eventually fell more in love with the storytelling around 18, 19 and started taking it seriously then. And 2, at DC I’d love to write Dick again. And I’d love to write a real run on Wonder Woman someday. I have a story I’ve been dying to do. But also Dr Fate. Marvel wise, I have a bog Captain America story I’ve been wanting to write forever. And a Hulk epic called “smash everything” that I hope to write one day. And a Wolverine idea… One day!


Welcome, TheImaginaryAxis! Assuming you’re the real deal, I’m a big fan of your’s, too. An unexpected surprise to see you here asking Mr.Snyder questions!

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cool, I like to draw but I like to write more.


With regards to Death Metal - I understand that the goal is to make as much as possible of DC History remain relevant and in continuity but since that isn’t always possible… who fills in the gaps and decides which of two conflicting canons will survive? Is that something you are involved in, is it up to the individual editors and writers of each title, is it something being determined by the team of the Generation specials…?


The whole fun is that you can decide for yourself - we tried to give you one more possible origin for the joker without forcing it as a definite point. But for me, the red hood gang is about the embrace of random violence, the belief that your own desires and beliefs warrant any violence you think will get your point across or get you what you want. The DNA of OUR version of Joker - a monster who says, there is no meaning to anything beyond proving the lack itself through cruelty and violence - has some of that baked in - so it’s up to you!


yeah that’s true

Hi and welcome to the community @blacksatinrose.88982!

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Hey Wes! You can expect a surprise… The end of issue one had the whole DC office emailing. I’m very aware that he’s been in a lot of stories this year for DC and the last thing I’d want to do is use him one more time in a similar way to how he’s been used. So expect us to try something very different with him…


Hey, Scott! Big fan from Tennessee! Unfortunately, I missed your big visit to Memphis last year. If I didn’t have family obligations I would have gotten some VIP tickets for sure! Is there a chance you’ll be visiting our fine state again or at least do more fan dinners in the future? Can’t help but feel like I missed my chance on both fronts.

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What is next from you after Death Metal at DC?

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OK folks! I have to run to help with the kids BUT, I’d love to do this again ASAP and keep asking me anything you want on Twitter as I’ll try to answer more often than I have been over there ssnyder1835


Thank you so much for joining us today, Scott!! You provided a lot of in-depth answers. Hope you can just us again sometime!


You’re too kind. I’m the real deal. I just try to get around. There are questions I want the answers for too, you know?


I have another question that I hope you can answer even though you’ve already done some for me.
I always have crazy ideas for some of my favorite characters that I’d like to write my own stories for but Everytime I try to write something out I can never put it into practice and it always just seems like a description of what I have in my brain. Do you have any tips to help me be able to write a more in depth version of my thoughts? (I hope this makes sense.)

Oh dang, NVM he’s gone…

Do you and Greg capullo have anymore batman stories planned, and would you both do a deathstroke run

Count me in! Thanks for taking the time brother.

Thanks everyone for all of your great questions! Keep an eye out for more exciting Q&As coming up!

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