Live Q&A Party: The Cast of DC Daily! πŸŽ‰400th Episode Celebration πŸŽ‰ Thurs, 4/23 @5pm PT/8pm ET!

Live Q&A w/ The DC Daily Cast: Celebrate Our 400th Episode With Us! Thurs, 4/23 @5pm PT/8pm ET


This Thursday, April 23rd at 5pm PT/8pm ET, DC Daily invites you to join our hosts LIVE right here in the Community for a Q&A extravaganza! Ask hosts Tiffany Smith, Samm Levine, Clarke Wolfe, Amy Dallen, Hector Navarro, and Sam Humphries your questions about their journey and their fandom in the comments below.

We expect this party of all our hosts to get a little cray, so please limit the number of questions asked to 1-2; this way, everyone has a chance to get a response in the limited time we have :slight_smile: Thanks!



I’ve got a couple questions (as always).

For the group: what’s something you’d love to do for the show some time in the next 400 episodes?

For Hector specifically: In the Batman Beyond episode β€œThe Winning Edge,” what Venom-derived drug applied via transdermal patch becomes all the rage among high school athletes?


Hello DC Daily crew. Happy 400th

Your show is awesome. Always a lot of fun, laughs, interesting thoughts and interviews and so much more. Thanks for doing the show even now during these video chat times.

So my questions are for anyone who wants to answer them.

What are some of the favorite displays that you had on set?

What DC character would you like to play in a movie (live or animated) if you could?


Hello DC Daily Castmembers Happy 400th episodes, I love watching the show everyday, can I please get a shoutout by Whitney Moore and Amy Dallen, please.:slightly_smiling_face:
Ok I have a question for Tiffany Smith, what’s it like to play Meghan Markle in a movie, and have you ever met her?
I also have a question for Whitney, Since you played Stargirl in young Justice, will you be making a cameo on the new Stargirl series?
A Question for Clarke, when you guys go back to the studio, will you guys be continuing doing the Batman the animated series watch along?
A question for Amy, knowing you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, which Wonder Woman story do you like the best in comics?
A question for Samm Levine, When visiting the Warner Brothers prop warehouse, which prop was your favorite?
A question for Hector, What’s your favorite episode of Batman Beyond?
A question for Sam Humphries, What other DC comic books have you wrote beside Harley Quinn?
Hopefully I ask everybody a question, I wish I can ask you guys more Questions each, like Hector what’s it like going up against @HubCityQuestion’s trivia question? Alot of fun I’m sure.:grin:
Thankyou for your time, and stay safe and healthy.:slightly_smiling_face:


Happy 400!!


Wow! Happy 400th DC Daily! :tada:

A lot of great interviews over these 400 episodes, so who would you most look forward to interviewing in the next 400+ episodes? :thinking: :grin:

Also, if you could choose a music theme or score from any DC media, what would yours be? :sunglasses: :metal:


Nice! 400 episodes! Congratulations.
First question is for Clarke, Amy, Tiffany and Samm:
Have y’all ever considered working in a movie/tv series (not DC related) together?

Second question is for Sam and Hector (Hola vato!):
Have y’all considered working on a comic together? Since Hector has showed his skills before on the show.


Mr. Samm Levine, if you had to be stuck on an island with just one of your fellow co-hosts, who would it be and why?

Also, for everyone: if you had to pick just one of the following for life in general: biscuits or funnel cake?


Happy 400th episode!

I have to ask who is everyones favorite Legionaire in The Legion of Superheroes?


Congratulations to DC Daily on 400 episodes. So, I have a bunch of questions so hang tight.

  1. I was a fan of the Robin and Zatanna pairing in season one of Young Justice. Do you think the writing team could actually give an explanation on why they broke up?

  2. If it was up to any of you who would you have as the successor to Batman’s cape and cowl?

  3. What would be your personal preference for an animated series? Nightwing, The Birds of Prey, Doom Patrol, or Wonder Woman.

  4. Your favorite DC Daily moment so far?

Take care


Hello! Happy 400th!!!

So my questions are:

  1. If you could be one DC character for a day, who would you be and why?

  2. How did you start your careers in blogging and entertainment journalism?



Holy shoot! Four hundred?! That’s like… one hundred more than 300. Congrats! DC Daily is a constant ray of joy, even when you can’t all be together. Now, as for questions:

  1. Can you just break down a typical day of filming (you know, when we’re not all under lock down)?

  2. Use one sentence to pitch your dream DC Comics story. (This is a question, right? Well… it’s not phrased like one, but it could be, so… never mind. Thanks for answering!)


Hi, hope that you all are safe and healthy right now.

  1. Funnel cake or biscuits or waffles or cinnamon rolls or pie or cake?
  2. What do you think about DC KIDS?
    Thanks for coming to answer everyone’s questions!
    8:36pm Wednesday April 22 2020

Question for the whole group:

If you could request any custom emojis to represent DC Daily, what would they be? A bottle or glass of Pinot Grigio, perhaps?


For the whole group: If you could go into one (only one) of the DCU original shows (Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Young Justice, or Harley Quinn), which one would you go into, why, and which of the characters do you think you would get along best with?


For anyone, what is your recommendation from the DC universe library to read and why?

To Clarke, meeting you during the fan event in March of last year was the highlight of that event for me, thank you for being so kind to me while I was obviously extremely nervous to meet you. I love all the DC daily hosts, but you are still my favorite!


No questions here, just wanted to share some celebratory emoji action. :confetti_ball:
Ya done good! Thanks for bringing us the news and the lolz. :wine_glass:
I need 400 more episodes on my desk by Monday morning! Let’s make it happen!
Actually just enjoy your day and stay healthy, folks! :bat: :black_joker:


I have a question for Tiffany Smith. If you had the chance to choose any DC character to play in live action, who would it be and why?

Hector, we all know you’re a big Batman Beyond fan. Would you love to see the show resurrected, or do you like it how they left things in Justice League Unlimited β€œEpilogue” ? Also, which is your favorite episode of the show?




Two questions for everyone-- (But hi Amy)

Where do you think your love of super-heroes comes from? Is it the daring-do, the high concept mythology, the purity of the escapism-- something else?

And is the Earth Round Like A Ball, or Flat Like a Pancake? Or, if that’s to deeply philosophical in these troubled times, what’s everybody’s favorite comic book cover?


Here’s to 400 more!