LIVE Q&A: DOOM PATROL WRITERS Shoshana Sachi & Tom Farrell! Monday, April 6th @5pm PT/8pm ET

LIVE Q&A with DOOM PATROL Writers Shoshana Sachi & Tom Farrell! Monday, April 6th @5pm PT/8pm ET

Starting Monday, April 6th @5pm PT/8pm ET, we’ll be hosting a LIVE Q&A with Doom Patrol writers Shoshana Sachi & Tom Farrell! As mainstay scribes in the writer’s room, Shoshana and Tom will be joining us to explain just how they came to help create such a strange and beautiful world.

Please try to limit the number of questions asked to 1-2; this way, more people have a chance to get a response in the limited time we have. We’ll be keeping questions on the topic of Season 1 ONLY friends, so please respect the circle of trust. :slight_smile: Thanks!

What was the energy like in the writer’s room? Did they ever feel like they had gone too far?

Ask your questions in the comments below, and come back Monday, April 6th @5pm PT/8pm ET to hear their answers LIVE!


Hi Room Patrol!

When starting to write out your episodes, was there anything specific you found inspiring or influential for the story you were trying to tell? Music, personal experiences?

Thank you,
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Thank you for taking some time off and answering our questions. My question is are their any members that you are looking at to join the Doom Patrol as a regular member or are you happy with the team as they are?


My favorite character on the show is Rita, but I was disappointed that she hardly used her powers in season one. When you have a character named Elastiwoman, you expect them to do cool things. Why didn’t she use her powers more extensively? I hope we see her do more in season two. The character of Jane kind of hogged the first season.

Are there any plans to include ideas, characters or plot elements from Rachel Pollack’s run on the Doom Patrol comic into the show?

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First, thank you for bringing us what is easily my favorite DCU original!

  • How do your minds work in such magical ways?
  • Was there any improv by the cast?

So let’s just get this out of the way first: that first season might be the best first season of any television show I have ever seen. I was hooked almost right away (I would say right away, but nearly the first thing we see is Brendan Fraser’s naked butt. And that totally had no influence on my statement) and I never got bored through the whole crazy ride. Now for the question:

  • Doom Patrol is thoroughly weird as it stands, but was there anything that was so weird you didn’t dare put it in?

  • Also, the obligatory question that any wannabe writer has to ask those established in the biz: do you have any advice on writing?


Just wanted to say great show! loved every second of it, and the cast killed it.cant wait for season 2. What made you choose Jane and Cyborg as the other member out of all the other heros who have been affiliated with the doom patrol. specifically Cyborg who has never been part of it.


First, I want to congratulate you both for writing such an awesome series! My question is which Doom Patrol character do you identify with the most and why?


First off who do you prefer Admiral Whiskers or Ezekiel “The Cockroach”?
Second, when you were reading Doom Patrol (I assume you read it) what did you see that astounded you with its weirdness.


Hey Room Patrol!

Loved the first season and can’t wait for the second season. My question is what was the writing process like for episode 9(Jane Patrol)?

ProActress20 (Doom Patrol Club)

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Hello, Room Patrol!

So, I imagine that everyone in the writers’ room has different levels of attachment to the source material. For example, I remember Jeremy Carver mentioning that he wasn’t really a comic book person, but he fell in love with the material.

My question: how does having those varying degrees of interest and engagement with the comics factor into crafting a show like this?


Hello there! Season one was immensely powerful, taking the superhero vein I love endlessly and turning it into something more. Members of my family and I were impacted by the relatable struggles each character went through. Thanks for writing fantastic material.
Question 1: What was the approach to avoiding the generic, overdone build-a-team-and-fight-big-bad trope? The series never felt like that, and it didn’t feel like the characters were relegated to roles either, emphasizing their growth.
Question 2: Who’s the biggest Marvel fan in the writer’s room?

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So first off: I love the show, favorite TV show ever!

My question: despite having done some heinous things, The Chief in the TV show is a much kinder and gentler man than I ever recall from the comics or even the Doom Patrol episode of Titans. How did this different take on him come to be?

(And if there’s time for a second question: I recall other versions of Rita having her growing and shrinking; does the “blobbing out” thing happen in the comics or was that done just for the show and if the latter, how did that come about?)

Thank you all for your time! So looking forward to Season 2! <3

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any chance of getting to see a Doom Patrol crossover with DCU Harley Quinn ???


What moment in your respective episodes brought you the most joy. Was it a line or scene?
Can you share a positive message you received from a fan that really made you feel great?


Love the show!

What DOOM PATROL storylines will you be pulling from in season 2?
Which of Crazy Jane’s personalities is your fave and why?
How crazy (or tame) are the cast table reads?

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Looooooooved the first season. Since season 1 was so heavily influenced by Grant Morrison’s legendary run, will that continue to be the case in season 2? Or, are there other runs that will start to find their way into the show?

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Also, will we see any other DC characters make their way into the show? Thanks!

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions and for an awesome first season!!! Who’s your favorite character to write for? Is there a specific character you feel like it’s hard to get into their “voice”? Can’t wait for season 2!!!