Live Chat Has Arrived to the DC Community Site!

Get excited, DC Fam—live chat is finally here!

After months of development and testing, the DC Community live chat feature is prepared for takeoff! Starting today, all registered DCUI users will have access to the new live chat module on the DC Community website. You’ll now be able to chat with your fellow DC fam and friends in real-time, no matter where you are! Whether for Watch-Alongs, Official DC Book Club discussions, or just to catch up with your friends, live chat is just one more tool to socialize with the amazing DC Community. Want to learn more? Here’s the breakdown:

How does the Live Chat Module work?

By clicking on the small chat bubble icon at the top right corner of the DC Navigation Bar, you’ll open the chat module. From there, you can start personal chats with individuals or join an existing group channel. All of your personal chats will appear in the module under “Personal Chat” and all the channels you join will appear under “Channels”.

How can I join a Group Channel?

This is easy! Open up your chat window using the speech bubble indicated above. Click the little > arrow as indicated below:


Click the pencil icon next to ‘Channels’:


You will now see a full list of channels that are available for you to join :slight_smile:

How can I create a new Group Channel?

Group channels can only be created by club leaders, moderators, and admins. If you want a specific group channel created for you or your club (if you are a club leader), reach out to the mods, and your request will be considered. However, all users will be able to create personal chats with any number of other users—kinda like a group text!

What other features does the Live Chat Module have?

In live chat, you’ll be able to send messages, emojis and reactions, set reminders/bookmarks, create reply threads, and more! Check out the small toolbar in your chat module to see the list of features and tools at your disposal.

What else should I know about the Live Chat feature?

All of the Official DC Community Guidelines apply to all live chat activity. Simply put—if you wouldn’t do/say it in a public thread, don’t do/say it in any live chat messages. Here are some additional guidelines regarding the new live chat feature:

  • Some folks may not want to use the live chat feature, and that’s ok! Please refrain from sending personal chats to anyone who doesn’t wish to participate.

  • Don’t spam messages! Spamming groups or individuals is never ok.

  • Do not tag or message moderators in your personal or channel chats. If you need to get the attention of a moderator for any reason, please alert them by sending a proper Direct Message. The admins and mods are not available 24/7, so please refrain from using the Live Chat module as a way to get in contact with them.

  • Mods and admins have the right to ban users from Live Chat, disable it temporarily, or take any other disciplinary action that may be necessary.

Enjoy the new Live Chat feature! If you come across any problems, please reach out to myself or a moderator via Direct Message.

Happy Friday!
<3 Jitsu :batparrot:


Looking good!!! I like that it can be full-screened or minimized. I also like that the minimized chat window sits on top of the reply box in threads, so you can realistically chat both in messenger and in threads simultaneously. :+1:


It truly allows you to be a social butterfly :butterfly:


Now you can chat with ALL your friends!


Well that was fun, had to learn some few stuff on how to work, but it was totally worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:


sup guys


Hey @osanchez8087.28834! Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the Community, @osanchez8087.28834, it’s great to have you here! Let us know if there’s ever anything we can help you with. :slight_smile:


Hello @Jitsu,
Will we be having more Q & A videos coming soon? Can’t wait to see who else will be on video chat!:smiley:


Yep yep! We’re planning one for every month. Keep an eye out!