Live Action Multiverse (DC Universe, Arrowverse, and DCEU ) Reboot or Damage Control?

Alachia Queen recently uploaded avoid with a cute, quick, and creative way of rebooting the DCEU. I recommend going and watching her video and showing her channel some love (skip to around 8 min in for the idea). To summarize for the sake of this post she has Freddie and Billy from Shazam! talking about the DCEU heroes as if they were Billy’s stories about the comic characters. Freddie brushes him off with quips about Batman not killing and Superman’s best attribute being his humanity – maybe a comment that his Wonder Woman story was pretty good.

Building off this idea I thought of Superboy Prime. What if Superboy Prime existed in another world and he causes a reboot of the multiverse (all live action incarnations of these characters because I don’t think comics can handle another reboot)? I would like to see the incorporation of the Monitors, Anti-monitor and even the Presence (maybe as a Scottish terrier). I’m currently working on the short scenes that would act as credit scenes.

Yet, that might not even be the path to take. Is a reboot necessary? Why or why not? How can we bring the characters we love to life properly on the big screen?

I don’t know if anyone out there is even listening but, these characters are heroes in our world. They help people get through tough times and learn to grow. These characters – these amazing multidimensional characters – deserve to portrayed to the masses how the comic fans see them. Media shapes how the public views these characters and it’s time for people to know the characters we love, how we know them.


I think a reboot is required if Cavill and Ben are out. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, keep together. To me, it would easy enough to say that what we have witnessed so far in the DCEU was Earth 2 stories. Now, we enter Earth 1, and we plan on staying here for a while. Reboot Superman, Batman, and reconnect “in due time”, to WW, Aquaman, and Shazam. BUT, here is the most important thing…a character, say Harley Quinn, or Flash, or Cyborg, heck, lex luthor, knows it all. He or she remembers Earth 2 and all that happened. Imagine a 4th wall breaking Harley Quinn on par with Deadpool…and she goes, ha ha batsy, you don’t kill, well, not this you. That was the other even more depressed batwad! OR…lex luthor who knows and remembers everything from Earth 2 having an interaction between the new Superman and Batman and saying, how about that Martha connection, huh? There so much potential…

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So many ways to make jokes! It would be a writers goldmine!