Live action DC movies that never were

Have you read/heard about the live action DC flicks that never came to be and would like to chat about 'em?

One that I remember reading about as details hit the net was Batman Triumphant. It was going to be Joel Schumacher’s next Batman movie that he said would have returned to the dark nature of the series and make up for Batman & Robin. Scarecrow and Harley Quinn were rumored to be the villains if memory serves. I believe Howard Stern and Jeff Goldblum were rumored to play Scarecrow and I remember reading a report that David Duchovny had done a costume test as the next possible Batman. It sounded neat and I was excited for it at the time. I still think Batman Triumphant would be a cool title for a live action flick. Heck, it applies to The Dark Knight Rises.

I also remember talk of a Batman movie that would have featured the return of Nicholson’s Joker. Harley was rumored for this one too and in this she was to be someone who was in awe of Joker and discovered a way to bring him back.

There’s also George Miller’s Justice League. I think I was one of the few who was mostly interested in that one. I mean, the guy behind Mad Max badassery taking on the JL? Sign me up. It’s funny how after concept art has come out that many more people are now into the idea of this. I still hope Miller can enter the DC fold sometime soon.

Of course there’s Burton’s Superman movie. As a big Superman fan, I’m glad that one didn’t go further in production than it did. If the movie happened and turned out as odd as it sounded, I would’ve seen it but out of obligation more than genuine fan excitement.

So, what other “could’ve beens” have caught your fancy?

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I’ve always wanted to see that Bill Murray Batman film from the mid-1980’s, the one that considered Eddie Murphy as Robin and David Bowie as The Joker.

David Bowie would have been a good Joker.

I understand there was a fifth Chris Reeve film planned that would have had Superman finally going up against Brainiac! How awesome would that have been? I believe there was a subplot where Lois says “enough” and ditches Superman. Supergirl may also have been attached to this film as well as long-time Superman scribe Cary Bates. If any of this is even partly true, it’s too bad this project was never made. The mind boggles at the thought of another Christopher Reeve Superman film.

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I know J.J. Abrams was asked to make a Superboy film before Man of Steel happened. There is also talk about a Booster Gold, Lobo, and other films, but I do not remember them without revisiting Wikipedia.

There was a rumored Green Arrow Movie that was to be called SUPERMAX but it was in development hell for years. Then when Arrow came on TV my guess is that it was shelved. The funny thing is that when Arrow Season two ended and Digg referred to Lian Yu as ARGUS’ SUPERMAX prison, I thought there was a chance we’d see it played out in the series.