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Dose anyone know how the lists work. I apparently added a movie to my favourites and some comics to my favorite DC comics lists at some point. Cool thing is I don’t see them in the movies or comics sections anymore.
So can we build private library’s and not worry about them being cycled out? How many comics can we have in there? How many movie’s? Do I have this right

Comics don’t get cycled out anymore.
They just aren’t all featured on the front page.

Depending on the device you’re using, you’ll either see a Browse All Comics button or you’ll have to do a search.

Using the favorites list is a good way to mark things to find later.
For example, on my PC and iPhone I can browse the comics but on the Roku I can’t.
So to find something on the Roku, I have to search for it.
However, if I add the first issue to my favorites, I can always find my way back to the series.

And unfortunately, the lists don’t show up on the Roku. So those can’t help me there.
But on the PC and phone, they help immensely.

Lists can help you organize what you’re reading or want to read and add some order to things.
What I do is start with a comic and when I read it, add the next issue in that series or reading order.
This way the list contains all the issues I’ve read plus the next issue up to read.
Since I’m reading several titles simultaneously, that helps me keep track of where I’m at.

Sometime in the future, lists will be able to be shared. This means you can create a reading list and easily share it with others.

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That’s cool thanks for clearing that up. That will be very helpful

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