List of Wonder Woman comics missing from DC Universe Infinite

Like a lot of folks here, my wish is to one day have a complete online library of every comic book featuring our favorite characters. In my case, I’m especially focused on Wonder Woman, one third of DC’s Trinity, and one of the most enduring superheroes of all time (who just happens to be celebrating her 80th anniversary this year). :00_wonder_woman_gold:

Partly inspired by this thread in which @slatour0694.79644 read through every Wonder Woman issue available on DCUI, and partly as follow-up to formally requesting several comics here, I put together this list on the Wonder Woman Wiki to help track the progress of what has since been added to the service, and what is still missing:


Hopefully the lead helps explain in further detail, and the following list is easy to understand.

Please, if I’ve missed anything, feel free to add to the list. I realize that DC lost a large part of their staff earlier this year, so work on getting issues transferred to DCUI has slowed, but I often worry that our requests get lost in the void. And that would be a shame, since there are so many gems still missing, and Wonder Woman’s history is one that should be expanded upon and celebrated. I hope some of you find this list and tracking progress helpful!


Great list! Makes me realize even more just how many are missing when I see the individual covers. In March they added 111, 113, 123, 143 and 198 which filled up a few gaps nicely, but obviously there is a long way to go. Hopefully this post will help nudge DC in the direction of filling in the main title of a trinity character.

I might have to break down and buy the Golden Age Omnibuses. I really love the Golden Age stuff.

I only own a single Wonder Woman comic, which is odd given my love of the character. I had to buy this little beauty that I figured would never make it’s way to DCUI. It is just as hilarious as I hoped. I had a TRS-80 in my youth so this issue truly spoke to me. I was a true TRS-80 Whiz Kid!

Thanks for bringing attention to the lack of Wonder Woman issues! I am really looking forward to Hiketeia and Dead Earth. I bought Spirit of Truth and it is shipping as we speak. I figured Ross’ paintings were worth seeing in large format. Soon I will own two Wonder Woman books. Really moving ahead here.


Thanks for taking a look at it!

Also, I just realized that the reason why Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman is not available on DC Universe Infinite, may be because it’s included on Comixology’s “Unlimited” service.

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Not so much that as that it’s published by Dynamite, not DC.

Not so much that as that it’s published by Dynamite, not DC.

Nah, it’s DC. They co-published it with Dynamite.

See also: Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet.

While true, as you’ll see on Comixology, Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet is included under the DC-published comics, while Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman is included with the Dynamite-published comics. What we have here on DCUI is only what’s been made available under the DC-published comics.

May just be the way they organized it. Can’t be in both.

Also, Batman Meets Green Hornet is not in their Unlimited service.