Limited comics, movies, shows

I noticed the lack of options on here. I was so excited about being a member that my family bought the membership for me a month before my birthday! Now looking through everything, I’m a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked for the new tv shows that are specifically here on DC Universe. ( I definitely can’t wait to see more Titans!)

However, I noticed the comics aren’t all there, as in the old ones. I get that the new issues are not up, which is alright to me since they still need profit coming from it, but the older comics-the backlogs would be nice to see available on here.

Also, the movies section wasn’t bad. I saw many that I watched and some that I haven’t seen yet. However, the old Batman with Adam West and a few other animated films are not available . I wonder if it would be soon or a few years from now.

For shows, I just recently read on another thread that shows on CW will not be available to watch until later in the years which made me sad-but I get it. But what of the other shows that are related to DC such as Vixen, Gotham, Lucifer, etc.

If it’'s going to take a while for the other addition, will we as members stay? How will DC Universe keep us as members?

What do you all think?


Honestly, I’ve just bitten the bullet and cancelled my monthly subscription (though I’ll apparently still have access till the 20th, hence this post). The limited/rotating comics content is frustrating, and TV shows just aren’t what I was here for. Whereas if this were the DC version of Marvel Unlimited, they’d have me.


Faherman it was never going to be dc unlimited. That’s like saying you joined marvel unlimited and they’d have you if they added all the Star Wars audio books or all mcu movies lol. It was never an option to happen.