lil help

Hey guys i’m new to comics and I’m looking to read a newer comic that leads to Batman on the mobius chair. I know it’s not going to be on this site. I don’t know where to start?

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Batman obtains the Mobius Chair in the Darkseid War storyline of the New 52 Justice League series. It’s a bitchin’ arc.


Branching on to what @Vroom said, start with the New 52! I found this reading order from the Comicbook Herald… I’ll post the link below… Cheers man!*YW1wLUE0NGhGbi14MFVYTEVlU3FON29SVi1fek5hN1puU1BvMXEwVHBwR01IQnBjeTkwZEtFVlpnQ2ZQZV9WM0x5MXY.


Thank you!