Liking Star Girl

It’s nice to know DC can do a show that isn’t trying to hard to be dark or over the top with F-Bombs and heroes killing every episode…It can work!!!


Yes. And at the same time it manages to be sinister and have scary villains. They’re managing to be dark without being edgy. About time we got back TV shows that understood the difference.


Yes! And the ‘dark’ is natural. Not Forced!


And people that have been looking for a live action show that is bit more “family friendly” have gotten it. It certainly shows that superhero shows don’t have to be “dark, gritty, & edgy” to be fun, enjoyable shows with grounded characters.

Now if only comics could take the hint.


There’s an actual genuine character I root for.


I am definitely loving it. Watching it is one of the highlights of my week now. :slight_smile:

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It can definitely be for all ages.

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Yea icicle

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I was thinking Pat.

Just like most live action DC “soaps”, I like to micro bingeing it. Waiting for two or three episodes to get released than watching them together. Waiting for episode 5 to drop tomorrow than watching episodes 3-5 in one go.

I like that it does have that balance of fun youthful exuberance and legit fear and doom from the injustice society! I’m glad there is a bit more joy and optimism in the dc verse

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Yes. As I said, I don’t mind dark, but feel like Titans and Doom Patrol are trying so hard, it doesn’t even feel natural when F#*%K is uttered! It’s over the top! Now Swamp thing was great, naturally dark and ‘scary’ but saw what happened to that… :roll_eyes:

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