Likeleyhood of Live Action DC Shows no on here to be added.

So I was bored and thought we could take a look at the live action TV series not on this service, and their likelyhood of ending up on here in the near future or at all. Just to take a guess as what might still be coming.

I am not as knowledgeble on the animated series, so didn’t do those in this post but someone who knows more then me can look at those.

So here is a quick look at my take on whether or not the remaining live action DC shows are likely to find their way on here any time soon. This is just my guess based on my limited knowledge by the way, don’t claim to have any kind of insider info or anything. So with that said…

Batman - This one is tricky. It was produced and had been owned by 20th Century Fox but there was some kind of isses with who owned the release rights, which was why it took so long to show up on DVD or any streaming services until fairly recently. I don’t know if Warner owns the show or not know, I understood they did but am not sure. If Warner owns it I would say there is a chance, but if they own it I am not sure why it wouldn’t already be on here. It is currently on I believe filmrise and how much could they be paying? Not like they are Netflix. So I am thinking Warner may not own the distribution rights. So my guess is as perfect as it is for DCU it won’t be on here any time soon, although a good possibility it may make it’s way here some day. Unless Fox does own distribution rights, if so it may never be on here given all the places they could put it besides one of their top competitors.

The Secret of Isis - This one is confusing to some because yes it is a spin-off of Shazam! which of course came on here with a lot of fanfare. But while DC owns the rights to all the DC licensed Filmation shows, Isis not being based on a DC character (although DC got the rights to the character later) made it in house, and those have switched owners a lot of times. NCB Universal is listed on Wikipedia as the current distributor. At the moment DC doesn’t seem interested in putting anything they would have to license on here, so don’t think it is coming any time soon. Although if DCU does eventually reach the point they get big enough they are willing to spend money to pay to license shows to stream here Isis would have a good shot, how expensive could it be? But given so far nothing on here is not owned by Warner Brothers and Isis is hardly the most valuable property not owned by them… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Swamp Thing: The Series - This one is tricky. it would be great to add on here as it was higher quality then a lot of the shows on here, even if like most it does show it’s age some now. But Warner did not make it as it was licensed out before Warner owned DC. BUT Wikipedia does list Warner Bros Television Distribution as the distributor. If Warner does have the rights then I think it will likely be on here. So while I don’t know all the ins and outs of how distribution works, if Warner owns it I would say there is a better than average chance of it finding it’s way on here as DCU would be the natural home for it.

Human Target - Now to be clear. I am reffering to the 1992 series that ran for 7 episodes, not the much more recent series that is currently on DCU. (bet a lot didn’t know Human Target of all characters actually got 2 shots at his own show. Crazy world we live in). Warner Brothers does own this show and produced it back in the day. So the biggest hurtle most shows have is not there. But I just doubt it will be on here. It was on 7 episodes in 1992, developed no following and a lot of people here never knew it existed. Also, back in 1992 DVD and Streaming were not a thing, so shows that ran that short of a time had little value in terms of making money replaying them as it was too short for syndication. So as such not only might there be issues with royalties not worked into the contract when the show was made, and the episodes may not have been kept up as well as some due to there being seen as little chance of them ever being needed or even wanted. I am guessing to make the viewable and good enough quality for streaming DCU or otherwise not to mention royalties would probably cost DCU more money then it is worth as I doubt most would really find it that interesting. If DCU feels they are running out of content it might be something to plop on for more content, but given they rotate things not sure that day will come. So even though it is owned by Warner would put it as a long shot. Just think DCU will find it more trouble then it is worth given the more recent one is hardly favorite with viewers on here.

Smallville - I just don’t think it’s in the cards. Obviously as has been well discussed Hulu has streaming rights now. given how recently that happened sure it is tied to Hulu for years. But even after that would they put it on here over Warner’s streaming service? Hard to call as we don’t know the full extent to how if at all it will tie in here. But I would not be surprised if it doesn’t move to Warner’s streaming service once Hulu’s deal runs out. I don’t think it is impossible, and it would be a great fit for DCU, but I think Warner will fill they can make more money elsewhere. So think it is unlikely and even in the best case scenario is probably years away. So we will have to accept Smallville and DCU together just probably isn’t in the cards.

Powerless - This is the one I think is most likely, I am surprised it isn’t on here already honestly. It is owned and produced by DC/Warner Brothers so no licensing issues there, and it would seem like a perfect fit for this site which is literally that kind of shows core audience. It also as far as I know is not streaming anywhere. I don’t know if the rights are tied up somewhere or if it ariring on FOX isn’t somehow tied to why it hasn’t made it’s way here. But I have to imagine it is coming here sooner rather than later, I mean will it really have value on Warner’s streaming service with all the other better fits for it. Would seem logic to put it on here unless there is some licensing issue I am most others are missing.

The CW DC shows - I am putting them together as I am guessing wherever they stream it will likely all be in the same place. It has been well documented that their deal with Netflix is about to end. I know a lot are excited at that meaning they could come here. But while they are an obvious fix here and would likely bring in new subs, sadly… I don’t think that is going to happen. Warner streaming seemingly wants to be a player along the lines of Netflix, Hulu, etc. The CW shows have so much value in that regard from a business standpoint I would think they would make them a lot more money there… or hell even licensed longer to Netflix, or on Hulu and Amazon for them to stick it on here. I know some say that is greedy and arguably that is true… but they are a business and as a business it just wouldn’t be logical not to put them on Warner’s service. I guess they could put it on both, but that could tempt some to pay for the presumably cheaper price of subscribing here and not on Warner’s service. So while it isn’t impossible, I would not get my hopes up. It’s a shame but I will be real surprised if they end up on here.

Krypton - is coming here soon as has been confirmed. So that one is good news.

iZombie - I think it has the best chance out of all the currently airing or just ending DC shows. If for no other reason then while it had a respectable run it was never a ratings giant. So I don’t see it being a huge moneymaker licensing it out if they even want to. it could very well end up on Warner’s service but an argument could be made it would be a better fit here and would be a good in to introduce and draw in people with Vertigo comics and the stories they can tell. if I had to place a bet on if it would end up here or on Warner’s service or Netflix/Hulu/Amazon I don’t know if I would bet on DCU. But don’t think the odds are horrible. Although it will have to end it’s run on Netflix before anything could happen and no idea how much longer they are signed for that. Could be a year or two still before it is possible.

Gotham - I think it is more likely then the CW shows, as it is less popular. But I also think it would have a lot of value on Warner’s service or licensing it out. Not impossible as like iZombie it has value here that it might not have among a larger library in Warner’s service that will not all be comic book fans. Although there is some weird rights deal with Batman on TV with Fox that is why he was never seen clearly in Birds of Prey or Titans. So DCU might not have the license to air it even if they wanted to. So in short… not great but better then the CW shows being on here would be my assesment of it’s chances to come on here.

Lucifer - Netflix is airing new shows so sure they have exclusive rights to the past seasons too and even if not DCU or anyone couldn’t add the new seasons once Netflix starts it back up. So I would say this one is simply not coming ever. The ONLY chance I see of this making it on here is if so many people like Disney and Warner starting their own services and thus taking the good content from Netflix leads to Netflix going under. But that if it even happens will surely be years and years in the making and even then they would probably have to pay Netflix to license it. So no… barring a miracle it will likely never be on DCU.

Preacher - Preacher is on AMC, Premium cable doesn’t tend to licens their shows to stream anywhere, as the whole point of original programming on them is to draw in subscribers which they lose if waiting for it to show up somewhere else becomes an option. Maybe once it ends some time after that likely years later it could be on DCU, but as long as it is airing… it is not coming to DCU, not happening.

Video Comics - This for anyone who never heard of it was a show on Nickelodeon that basically did early motion comics for famous DC comics of the Silver Age. I added it for completist sake but doubt it will ever be on DCU. It would be interesting for sure as I am betting few of us including me ever saw it. But I looked into it, it originally aired on a cable station in Ohio before airing on Nickelodeon in 1979 as one of it’s first premiere shows. No one can pinpoint who owns the rights online or even how many episodes were made. So I am betting even finding out who owns it would be a nightmare and it almost surely isn’t Waner Brothers as they did not own DC then and dount they produced a show for local cable in Ohio. My guess is if the episodes are even out there to find they are in a vault somewhere collecting dust and would likely cost a lot of money to make good enough quality to stream. Yeah, they did that for Shazam which was even older, but that show is in every way worth the time and money more. So I included it because it technically is a live action DC show. But I would place it dead last on this list as far as likelyhood to ever air on DCU… by a HUGE margin.


AMC licensed The Walking Dead to Netflix, so Preacher is not out of the question. I honestly see the Arrowverse and Black Lightning coming to DCU as it is a better fit than Warner Media. WM would be a great place for non-DC shows like Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Friends, and the library of classic shows and films that are not DC related. Seriously hope they are remastering Human Target 92 for DCU though…


I actually hadn’t thought of Walking dead and honestly forgot about the fact that AMC is not a premium channel so my bad on that one. Seems they don’t license much but you are right would not be out of the question as much as I thought.

I get the argument on the CW Arrowverse shows and Black Lightning. But they are a big draw on Netflix who is about to lose them and if Warner Media wants to be competitors to Netflix it would seem logical to put a show that is so big on Netflix on there. I would not rule it out, depends on what Warner has planned for DCU just not convinced they would let something like that go when they seemingly could have it on Warner Media at launch.

Given that DCU has Shazam on here, and Legends of the Super Heroes, and the Aquaman and Spirit pilots I would not rule Human Target out completely. But Shazam is a show that even beyond DCU has merit to clean up and have a better copy as they can make money on it outside DCU. Human Target would really have no value outside of being on DCU, and even then it is debatable how much 7 episodes of a show almost no one remembers of a character a lot of DC fans don’t even know is owned by DC would have to be worth the same time and effort per episode. And that is if the episodes survived (likely they did as they are not that old, but have heard tale of stuff like that being lost). If the originals are not in bad shape though I say go for it, just not sure they would.

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The tricky thing about the Preacher TV series is that it is owned and produced by Sony Pictures Television. WB Television has nothing to do with it. Sony had to license the property from WB to make the show.

If Preacher was to be shown on DC Universe, WB would have to obtain a license from SPT that gives them the legal authorization to stream the show here.

Given the plethora of DC shows WB does own, I think they’d sooner focus on bringing the ones that aren’t here and can be brought here before going through the legal hulabaloo of obtaining a license to a show they do nothing but collect licensing fees from SPT on.


Another thing to consider: all of these shows were created in the Pre-DCU era.

Anything that comes along from here on out (say, Y: The Last Man or even the CW’s Batwoman) could easily include new clauses in their contracts that would give DCU certain limited broadcast rights. I’m certain that the WB Streaming head honchos are eager to renegotiate any and all agreements that pertain to DC IPs - old and new. Such wrangling could benefit DCU greatly in the long run.

I mean, look at what was announced today: Superman the Movie is leaving DCU in April, but it’ll be back in May. Negotiations for limited exclusivity seem to be the norm these days. No telling just how many and how often these shows could pop up - but I’m confident we’ll see all of them eventually, if only for a month or two at a time.

Didn’t hear that about Superman the movie, might have to watch it fast but glad it is coming back in May, wonder if by chance the other Supermen movies will follow. I know this stuff is rotated out so not going to complain, I knew the deal when I signed up and that one has been on here since day 1. But I hope they will be rotating some more live action films in, they have been sorely lacking in those for a while.

As for Preacher, I didn’t realize WB had nothing to do with making it (besides it being licensed out to them). I agree, I think DCU is a long ways off from negotiating any license deals and even if they get to that point don’t know if Preacher is where they will be focusing it over say Batman 66 or some of the earlier DC movies they don’t own.


Per Applejack saying Vertigo books won’t be coming here due to the focus understandably being on DC Universe titles/properties, I doubt we’ll see non-WB owned shows like Preacher or other non-DCU oriented shows come here, since they don’t fit in with the overall content approach the service is focused on.

There’s so much WB owned content that does fit the mold of DCU that we most likely won’t seriously want for anything. It just depends on existing licensing agreements with other platforms as to what can come here.


As for Warner Media, there will still be Supernatural, Riverdale, and so on. Just makes sense to bring the DC shows here and the other shows to Warner Media. Maximizes the potential on both services.


Is it possible for Warner Bros. to include Arrow on more than one of their services?

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I would assume it is possible, although don’t know what if any hoops it would require. The big thing with including the CW shows (or anything) on both services is the point of any content is obviously to draw in viewers to subscribe. When you do that you split the potential vewers you can draw between both services. Also the truth is, whether we like it or not, a lot of us would like it to be on both in that scenario so we don’t have to subscribe to WB’s streaming to see them. And yeah not everyone will if they don’t come on here, but a lot would. I am not trying to be a doomsayer and don’t nessecarily disagree Warner’s streaming could succeed without the superhero shows obviously. just not sure they will think the best use of it is on here. I hope I am wrong because I would love them on here, both because it would be great to have them here for me, and it would likely be great for the service as a whole to have that on here.

As for the Vertigo thing, didn’t know Vertigo titles not being on here was something that was ruled out like that. If so then yeah iZombi and Preacher (especially that one since they would have to pay licensing fees to even get it on here) are nearly certain not to come on here. A shame they made that decision as I think Vertigo shows the potential outside of super heroes comics truly have to tell great compelling stories. But plenty of main universe DC stories to go around for sure, so not sweating it.

Powerless needs a reboot in a new city with new characters asap!!! 1 hour action/comedy.