Like Swamp Thing and Want More? Give Swamp Thing Giant a Read!

So, you’ve seen the latest live action take on ol’ Swampy and want more of him from the comic realm? Can’t blame you, Swamp Thing comics kick ass.

A book I heartily recommend is the Walmart exclusive Swamp Thing Giant. It’s four (very soon to be five) issues in and has proven to be quite the fun read. It’s also the only current title to feature solo Swamp Thing stories.

As with the other Walmart exclusive 100 Page Giant titles, Swamp Thing is a mix of new and old material.

Tim Seeley and Joelle Jones are providing the new content and with great aplomb. Seeley has a good grasp of Swamp Thing, while Jones’ art admirably details the titular hero, the muck and gunk of the swamp and other settings as well as the grotesque nightmare fuel adversaries they’ve faced so far.

Speaking of foes, Ms. Ravenmocker was an interesting one whose facewear more than reminded me of Calendar Girl from The New Batman Adventures. The way she literally hooks onto Swamp Thing from issue #3 is absolutely one of the best moments in comics this year so far.

The reprint material of Swamp Thing Giant is of particular interest to Blue Devil fans, since he looks to be a featured character on the current TV series and that’s thanks to the series Shadowpact.

Shadowpact is a gem from writer Bill Willingham and features a diverse team made up of Blue Devil, Enchantress, Detective Chimp, Ragman, Nightshade and Nightmaster. The Phantom Stranger has also been along for some solid guest star power.

Craving a read (or re-read) of the acclaimed Animal Man series from The New 52? This book has you covered! It’s been reprinting the first arc of that wonderful book. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are eccentric peas in a pod and their pairing in this title is an editorial masterstroke.

The last feature of Swamp Thing Giant is the New 52 Swamp Thing series. Yes, like Animal Man, that title is available in full on DCU,(and it was also the subject of last week’s DCU Book Club) but it’s fun to have along anyway. At $4.99 you’re getting your money’s worth out of the new content and Shadowpact alone as well as Animal Man, so the New 52 Swampy is just along for the ride more or less.

Oh yes, another selling point on this book is artist supreme Greg Capullo’s cover art. Brand new for this series, he draws a great Swamp Thing!

Swamp Thing Giant is bursting with all manner of highly entertaining stories from the swamp to the realms of magic, The Rot and beyond.

Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!


I will give it a try! Thanks for the reading recommendations @Vroom :smiley:

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@YoYo You’re quite welcome.

FYI, Swamp Thing Giant #5 should be out this week (or next at the absolute latest) so be sure to keep an eye on Walmarts that carry the 100 Page Giant line for it.

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Swamp Thing Giant #5 is out starting today. Capullo’s cover is a real gem, as is the new content in this title.