life lesson. DC will wait while I slum around.

as a kid I only really knew DC.
Shazam, Batman (66) super-friends, Christopher Reeve and the occasional
Book a relative would buy of a spinning rack for a birthday present…
But as I got older, I veered towards The Punisher, Xmen, Gen13 ect ect
(I’ve never been a big avengers-family super fan) although I did really like Spider-Man. I think my Firestar laid the groundwork for my love of redheads. Lol. I spent years on the other side of the fence sneering like the angstsy youth I was at the primary colors of the JLA and co.
Years later, I really started to dive back in.
I found a comic shop that’s pretty worthy of any collector, and I’m there every Wednesday.
The long boxes are starting to double up on the shelves. And then it hit me.
While I still grab some titles from other publishers the things that grab me and hold my attention are the same things i sneered at in my angstsy year’s are things I’ve come back around to love.
It’s good to know DC was here waiting for me to come home, hey Wisdom of Solomon I guess
Keep up the strong work.


Haha love it!

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