The comics library keeps getting better as of recently with new additions like the first 24 issues of Batman Rebirth. The debbie downers got it wrong!


The Debby Downers went (to quote an episode of MST3K) down, down, down below in how wrong they got it.


Or, maybe the Debbie Downers were the ones responsible for spurring DC to make these changes.

Maybe they’re really Debbie Heroes?


@aphex978 Exactly. We’d still have comics rotating in and out in a short period of time and a lot of issue #1’s with very little complete story arcs if people didn’t state their concerns.

I’m loving the current selection. It is really good and there is plenty to read.


Aphex. I agree completely. Without us Debbie heroes we’d still be seeing rotations and likely a weak comic offering. Some nice improvements lately. I’ve heard of a big announcement soon and hopefully this will mean a lot more comics.


Have they done away with the rotating titles I really hope so)? I was really hoping it would be like Marvel’s site in the coming years…I love having access and reading all those old 60’ and 70’s Mavel titles. Hoping the DC library one days gets there…loving to old 30’s and 40’s books and hoping they add to it.


Showcase , the Brave and the Bold , Mystery in Space… we barely knew thee…

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There’s a big difference between offering constructive criticism on flaws in the system and throwing a tantrum because the site isn’t exactly what you want (though I’ll give a little more leeway to people who paid up front for the fifteen months sight unseen).

There were very serious issues with way the library was being curated and how rotations were occuring and it remains to be seen whether or not they have been fixed. I think its clear that we still have a limited library (which is fine), it is slightly better curated (though more thought seems to be given to the number of issues in a series than having series that can stand truly on their own) and we still have no idea what the schedule is for titles rotating out (“no titles being removed for the FORSEEN FUTURE” is way to vague).