LGBTQIA+ Comics Fans

Are there any DC comics fans from the LGBTQIA+ community, lol me?

If so, does that play into your favorite characters or storylines?

What would you like to see different in comics?

Me, personally, I wish there were more Midnighter stories. I freaking love Midnighter. He’s such a badass and he happens to be gay.

Also, where are the transgender superheroes?


Hi @McKenan! We have quite a few LGBTQ+ fans here on DC Universe. Can I recommend checking out this thread:, where you will meet some of my friends. :slight_smile:

Also, yes I would love to see more Midnighter and I have provided details of transgender DC characters previously in the thread I linked you to. I am super happy to have more LGBT+ representation here in the Community and look forward to speaking with you again! #SeeYouAtGothamPride


What HP said, plus of course even though it’s not on the page, but Nicole Maines on Supergirl is a huge deal for trans representation. I do seek out queer representation specifically and so Batwoman is probably my favorite character. I cannot wait to see Ruby Rose as Kate. Also, Puddin, sorry for the stupid question but what is Gotham Pride? Is that a DC LGBTQ event?


I wish it was, @Mae!



Here’s to hoping they finally acknowledge Doctor Occult as a non-binary parable.

have you read Steve Orlando’s Midnighter yet?

What’s the Q I And A for?

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Q stands for Queer. But I’m not aware of the other two.

Q: “Questioning.” Some people are still discovering their sexuality, and that’s okay. (It is also used to stand for “Queer” in the truncated “LGBTQ” as a catch all for those who do not identify as cisgender heterosexual.)

I: “Intersex.” People with physical characteristics of both male and female sexes. About 1 in 2,000 people are born intersex.

A: “Asexual.” (That’s me!) People with no physical attraction to any sex. (Sometimes it is ignorantly used to stand for “Ally.” This is incorrect.)


Do Asexuals have any sexual attraction to objects, toys anime characters or other fictional characters? I am just curious.

I am a married straight guy but yes, I’m very attracted to DC women and I have my crushes (on celebrities) too. I think I want the attraction to fictional characters to have its own name and letter. Then it should be slapped to the end of LGBTQIA+ or maybe it’s already in the +?

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@Gibbyhetrz technically, by DSM stands, attraction to a fictional character would be considered a fetish.

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Thank you DeSade-acolyte for always answering my questions!

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I have enough fetishes to make book. So I’m very familiar with what constitutes one.

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Being hetero and crushing on fictional characters of the opposite gender is not… it’s not a voice that needs to be uplifted alongside the LGBTQIA+ community. A fetish is not a sexuality or an identity.


I thought the + was supposed to be very inclusive?

Ok, do not get mad at me, but I just want to say, it used to be LGBT, then LGBTQ, then LGBTQIA, by 2020, its gonna be like LGBTQIANDJSJXJFJEBAHIEJFNCNXNVJFIEISHSKXMYLTODOSHSJGPSJEHP+

Just saying


comic gays rise up


@TheBackbreaker Maybe the acronym is too unwieldy for you, but I think acknowledgement of all sexualities is important. As this very thread proves there are plenty of people who don’t even realize intersex or asexual people even exist.


For me, my favorite stories here that deal with LGBT issues are Half a Life from Gotham Central and Go from Batwoman in Detective Comics.