LGBTQ+ Characters in Young Justice

Young Justice showrunner Greg Weisman has a reputation for doing his best to represent queer characters in his series, but historically it’s always been a losing battle against the networks. But now that YJ is on DCU, that’s no longer an obstacle. With that in mind, what queer relationships do you think we can anticipate in the show as it goes on?

Personally, my money’s on something developing between Jaime Reyes and Bart Allen. Their season 2 dynamic could easily evolve into a romantic one, given the space.

But if it does happen, where could you see it?

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Yes! I need this to be a thing! I ship it!

No neither of them are lgbtq I personally don’t mind seeing queer couples but lets not mess with something that works fine.


I mean, why couldn’t they be in Young Justice? It’s not like Superboy and Miss Martian are a couple in the comics. Forager and Halo are completely rewritten. Neither of them have significant romantic interests of the opposite sex within the show. It’s its own universe, and therefore has its own rules.

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Careful what you wish for! It seems like everybody’s relationship in this show goes painfully. Wally dies, Roy and Chesire are complicated, Dick is a dog (well, that’s maybe less painful for him). Plus interpreting friendship between typically hetero characters as intense gay love is a bit of a fanfic thing to do. But I guess I’d be fine with Impulse/Jaime, if either of them even appear in season 3.

The few obvious LGB characters in DC haven’t really come up in this show though (Batwoman, Harley). You might have to settle for the shapeshifting cross-species love that is Superboy x Ms. Martian. And does it count as trans if you’re a human/motherbox hybrid?

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The thing is, since it’s in a separate continuity, anything can happen!! Superboy could come out as bi (which would work well with Miss Martian being a shape shifter), heck even Vic Stone could come out. And I’m certain we’ll be seeing more representation with the show being on DC Universe, it’s just a matter of time

Weisman has said that he wrote Kaldur as bi, so I could see that being in the series.