As long as the story keeps being awesome it don’t really matter if there are LGBT charathers or not


For me, it was more of a ‘oh, well that’s cool’ kind of a moment. It was nice to see not only Halo coming to that announcement but also the team not phased as well. You have shapeshifters, aliens, meta humans, Atlanteans and so on…Not identifying as a particular gender? We cool :grinning:

But I did squee seeing Impulse sneak in a kiss to eduardo​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Lol I’m seeing a lot of people online who are pissed about the new episode.

They teased since the second episode, when beast boy said that he was the first openly came out as a metahuman, like some sort of analogy.

I’m okay with Halo being asexual (I hope that’s the right term), but I feel like the whole thing needed more setup.

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The only thing I’m pissed about in the new episode is the completely out of character (compared to the comics) portrayal of Harper Row. Portraying her as an edgy “bad influence” goth teen who tries to talk Halo into cheating on her boyfriend with her was awful and the fact that Harper is the first openly bisexual character on the show while behaving like this just sends a bad message overall. Mostly, I’m disappointed because Harper Row in the comics is one of the few things I really liked about the New 52 because she’s one of the few characters I felt I could relate to. Then they went ahead and did that to her character. Why is it that whenever Young Justice changes characters for the worse, it’s almost always Batman-related characters who get treated so badly? First the Joker is portrayed as a terrible Heath Ledger wannabe, then the Riddler is just a nerd with a lisp and no threat whatsoever, then Tim (the leader of the actual Young Justice team in the comics) is reduced to a background character. Now this.


This has pretty much been the consensus that I’ve seen, Kristjan. The fact that the first actual representation in the show being a scene in which two people cheat on their significant others with each other is so ridiculous that it truly baffles me. How was this allowed? How many people had to approve this before we saw it?

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This season is starting to baffle me. Agenda-driven much? I watch animated shows to ESCAPE the real world nonsense.

We’re all outsiders? Ok, unless you’re Native American, point taken. But the battle cry is getting annoying to hear every 30 seconds. The kissing scene was so forced it was painful. Lesbian/girl power vibes were a bit annoying on Stranger Things S3 and the hits just keep on coming. I’m all for empowerment as long as it fits with good writing and isn’t shoved down our throats.

Where are the real threats this season? Seems like cotton candy missions with minimal danger.

On a personal note The disgusting creature reminded me of the monster in Stranger Things Season 3 where I couldn’t even eat my food until it was offscreen.

The payoff for this season better be ungodly huge!

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Lol from your post I don’t actually think you’re for empowerment at all. Words like “Agenda-driven” and “shoved down our throats” are often used by people who don’t believe in empowerment of anyone who isn’t like them. Not really sure what’s wrong with “lesbian/girl power” but, I’m gonna choose to take you at your word and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Also, if you think “real world nonsense” never shows up in animated shows, or any entertainment ever, then you’ve either never thought critically about any of them or you’re watching SpongeBob.