Uh, spoilers here.

Did anyone else want or expect for Halo to be the LGBT character? I was personally rooting for Jaime or Bart to be the first ones. I felt that Halo being nonbinary feels a bit random and force. I don’t have a problem with it, but I think having a more established character come out of the closet would have been better first. The way they had her come out was also kinda clunky in my opinion.

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With Halo being part “mother box”, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was non binary.


I will admit I was totally hoping for a Bluepulse shipping. Fingers still crossed! :crossed_fingers:


I quit watching. With the other shows having great lgbt characters, it’s glaringly obvious how aggressively straight Young Justice is…


Actually, the show is not aggressively straight. In one episode of Season one, Batman makes a comment that Queen Bee, I believe, uses pheromones on men… and women. Then, I think in season two, there was another comment about someone being bisexual or acting in a bisexual manner.
If anything, this is showing a liberal stance for DC Universe since all of their originals are going in that direction.
Not my cup of tea, but good for those who enjoy that.


I do think more established characters should be… well, established as being LGBT. Kaldur, for example, has been a long time coming and still nothing. However, I don’t think Violet letting everyone know they’re non-binary is taking the place of anyone else, it’s more likely just that Violet is more in the limelight - or lemonlight, as it were - and they are finally off a network that wouldn’t allow them to be explicit about LGBT characters.

Though, yes, I agree that Violet’s outing did halt the pace of the episode, but it only took up less than a minute so it doesn’t really matter.

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Greg Weisman has talked about how his show “Gargoyles” back in the day wasn’t able to articulate in-universe that some characters were gay due to strict network control, so I’m happy that this show can do it. Halo was sort of the obvious choice for me, she’s literally a computer.

Two “comments” doesn’t count as representation in a show that devotes time to a dozen heterosexual pairings. From a real life gay, I’m less than impressed. The other shows have pretty good rep! Doom Patrol is one of my favorite shows! This show conspicuously doesn’t.


And every show should have expressed gay representation, why???


Not every show does. Not every show needs straight relationships either so why does this show have them??? Greg Weisman went out there claiming there are already lgbt characters on Young Justice why keep them hidden/significantly underdeveloped compared to the straight characters?


I’m gay too, it doesn’t really bother me too much. More transparency would be great, though.

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Is Bart dating Ed in episode 16? I mean the Aussie seemed more interested in the princess honestly. Plus, he’s looking out for all the metas and I think they’re focusing on her due to the incident. I would love for Bart to be gay. If he’s straight I just feel like it would ruin the show. I mean I get that they would want to model him after Wally, though Bart was never a ladies man. Plus, I feel pairing him with Cissie or Rose would be too Artemis and Wally.


Can bart be asexual? I know of no heroes who are

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It’s really sad that aesexual people also don’t get proper representation - maybe even less than any other group that I can think of. Buuuut… I don’t think it fits Bart. I wouldn’t mind though. Representation matters for everyone.

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I feel like it would, super friendly with everyone but not seeking an intimate relationship

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Sure! I think I’ve only ever known one asexual character on tv. Gotta admit, I don’t know much beyond the obvious about asexuality. I think people just want to see themselves on screen. I think people with more common identities just can’t understand what it’s like not to have those identities. Which, to me, exposes a complete lack of empathy on their part.

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I feel like Kaldur would make more sense to be aesexual, but… I also really want him to be gay like in the comics. No matter how Kaldur ends up, it’s alright. He’s never really expressed any form of romantic interest to my memory, so he’s a blank slate in that department.

Halo being Nonbinary felt like uneeded sprinkles on her already flavorful ice cream, there is so much going on with her already, Human/alien/advance tech/dark skinned/Muslim/anxiety and with all that she still has to deal with being murdered every 3 episodes. They could have picked someone else in there cast of hundreds to be.

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It would be nice to have some asexual representation, for sure. But not sure it fits Bart.

This is just my take, but people can be extremely complex and I do understand where Halo’s identity comes from, personally. With the complex mix of elements that make up who they are already, gender could easily be a confusing spectrum that they just don’t fit comfortably in anymore. So I do wonder if it’s a matter of adding sprinkles on top, or if one of the flavors we’ve already gotten to know has those mixed in.

Either way, I’m sure finding out will be a real treat. :slight_smile:

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