Levine Collection to be Auctioned Off

Anyone have a spare million lying around?


I would love to have a complete set of Detective and Batman!

Start hunting for spare change between the couch cushions! :smile:


Wow, as a complete set? What if whoever buys them doesn’t even want all those 90’s comic books?


Auction those sets off to pay off everything else? Lol


If that’s not a dream collection I don’t know what is. Holy cow! It looks like this guy was buying back issues of golden age comics in the 60’s as well as buying them off the rack. Talk about a return on your investment.

Two things…I’ve put together a large, complete collection of every publication the Punisher has appeared in from Spider-Man 129 up to the late 90’s with some newer stuff mixed in. It’s been a long process of searching, bargain hunting and sometimes biting the bullet and paying up. I can tell you it’s an obsession. I’m still going too!

I can only imagine Levine’s obsession ion a massive scale that spanned over 50 years. Also the money…I can’t even fathom the cost of his investment.

The other thing-imagine a fire or a leaky roof or a tornado or something! Makes me shudder.


Anyone have a guess as to what the collection will sell for?
I can’t even. 15 million? 10? 20?


15 Million? That’s not much, where can I get it?




I wouldn’t even begin to be able to give an accurate guess. Action 1 and Detective 27 depending on condition could easily fetch 5 million together. Granted there is a ton of worthless stuff in the lot, it could be seen as valuable because it is all together, or could be seen as not as valuable because you going to want a deal to take it all… My best guess would probably be in the neighborhood of 5-6 million. Just a guess…


I saw a ripped off page of action comics 1 slabbed by CGC selling for almost 1000$ on eBay once. This thread reminded me of that for some reason. I wonder if it ever sold?


It will never sell as a whole collection. They should parcel it off.


I think it will sell, however I totally agree they should parcel it out. I think it would actually make more money that way, anyway.

Also, I dig the avatar. From one of the “Super Powers” series, yeah?


It says it’s a private sale. Does that mean it will sell for an “undisclosed amount?”

“Could you knock down the price a bit if you’re going to include comics that came out after 1989?”

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It depends on condition of the comics. But if it is a complete DC collection from 1935-2014.

I can see it fetching 15-25 million. Selling it as a single collection also increases its value. It’s historical value alone is worth 10 million, if it is truly a complete collection. I’d love to see WB buy it or some billionaire and donate it to the Smithsonian or permanent loan to the Getty Foundation.

If I had Bezos level money, that’s what I’d do.

A truly complete collection is a view into American history through the lens of American popular culture.


I read that the majority of the high value books are in solid VG or better. He also upgraded his action comics 1 and I believe other keys. Like any big collection Id think the condition of the books gets generally better the newer they are. But this is 40000 plus issues. I’m sure there are some real gems and some pigs respectively.

I saw a photo that showed some of his collection stored horizontally and stacked on shelves. I’m not sure if that’s what he does with everything but I still thought it was interesting. He also cracked open any slabbed comics he ever had. Not that I have a particular problem with that but I thought it was interesting.

Oh, man, I would, too. Slabbing a comic makes it completely worthless to me personally. I would just have to look inside.


Slabbed books are the standard thing these days. Grading is no longer subjective it’s set in stone. And once a book is slabbed it’s slabbed. If there are rusty staples or brittle pages it doesn’t matter. The grade is what’s on the label. There’s no more deterioration.

Of course this isn’t true in any real sense but for resale purposes it is. I like the cases, though. Unless there’s actual moisture or mold or something on the comic it’s probably the best way to preserve and protect. It does turn a comic book into a paperweight though

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I’m glad I’ve driven a fuel efficient car all these years. Now let me just make sure my savings balance is still $17,326,418.

I slab rare issues. For instance…

Why wouldn’t I have slabbed my copy of Adventures of Superman 500 Platinum when I have 362 copies of the newsstand and “collector’s” edition lying around? I’m not a slab guy. I have 9 slabbed issues total, but I’ll defend it all day long. Especially now that digital exists. I see no reason for thumbing through silver age comics. I’m all about preservation for posterity.

Show me Amazing Fantasy 15 or More Fun 73 in near mint and I’ll be shouting “slab” because…


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