I’ve been loving Brian Michael Bendis’ Action Comics run since #1,000. The “Invisible Mafia” and “Leviathan Rising” Arcs have been fun and fantastic and are, in many ways, kind of a return to the Superman comics I grew up reading as a teenager over 15 years ago. The “Superman: Leviathan Rising” one shot that released this week did a wonderful job of pulling the “Invisible Mafia” and “Leviathan Rising” stories together all while setting up the big crossover, EVENT LEVIATHAN! I’m stoked for that series and after reading Greg Rick’s contribution to the Leviathan Rising One Shot, I can’t wait for the Lois Lane series that’s coming out. Can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds. I haven’t been this invested in a event series in quite some time!! #joinleviathan


Definitely shaping up to be a really cool story. I still hate that they’re actually calling it “Event” Leviathan. Just call it “Leviathan!”

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