leviathan is....

Omg i think my last guess on the other who is leviathan is right its

Mark shaw

Mark Shaw is important? And here I thought I was wasting my time reading his series.

. . . boring.
Were we supposed to finish the sentence?
I still can’t get past the idea that Green Arrow is one of the greatest detectives in the world.

Oh well I gave up on this series in the second issue. Really boring IMO

Actually, GA was a pretty good detective way back when. He was originally Batman with a bow. Sure, he ain’t quite in Bats league, but GA ain’t no slouch either. It’s an element of GA that got mostly pushed aside as he became more of a social crusader.


A pretty good series so far. Probably my favorite recent event actually and most certainly Mr. Bendis’s best work with the company so far (in my opinion). Kind of took me back a bit when I saw the new look for Red Hood tho, it isn’t terrible but I just think the old costume is superior.


It does indeed look like Shaw is the man in the mask. (Unless they have another curve ball planned).

I was kind of hoping it would have been someone higher profile.