Leviathan: Early Predictions?

Considering the involvement of my boy Q, I couldn’t be more excited for the Leviathan event this summer. Someone’s taken over Talia’s spy organization, and is taking all the others out. But who could it be, and why?

A good friend of mine thinks this story will reveal the new Leviathan to be Talia’s own sister, Nyssa al Ghul… but I have a different theory.

I believe the secret to Leviathan goes back to The Silencer, one of the last two “New Age of Heroes” books still running. Honor Guest has everything to gain from the collapse of the global spy network. It’s the only way she can ever truly be free to live a life with her family again, and she’ll do anything to get there. Perhaps even take the reins of Leviathan itself.

But what do you think? Who is Leviathan?

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Peter Weller.

Hmm? Oh, that’s a different Leviathan altogether.

The theory with Silencer is solid. Given her current state in her series, I think she’d be pretty desperate to do whatever is necessary to topple Talia once and for all.


Intriguing theory, I have been really enjoying The Silencer (particularly the last few issues), maybe she decides this is the way the way to finally get her freedom.

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