Leviathan and spiral

I’ve been out of the comic book reading for a few years and just got back by year ago about a year ago so I have no idea who these two organizations are I could look it up in Wikipedia but I think I can get a Reader’s Digest version of it here the history of whoo Leviathan and spiral are before this current storyline can someone please give me a simple history thank you I am read Leviathan storyline in loving it

I could be wrong, but I’m giving it a shot

Spyral was an organization of agents working for the United Nations during the Cold War. However, it didn’t last long since it’s leader double crossed it and the UN.

Leviathan was created by Talia al Ghul after she left her father. It quickly grew huge with secret agents in police forces and government positions around the world. Leviathan also brainwashed children and created metahumans to use as agents.

Batman, who believed that Leviathan would create an apocalyptic future (it’s a long story), had Batman Incorporated fight Leviathan. The United Nations see what a threat the battle between Leviathan and Batman Incorporated is, so they make a new Spyral.

Talia attempts to destroy the world, but Batman Incorporated and Spyral stop her. Talia dies. Spyral takes over most of Leviathan, effectively destroying the organization. However, Spyral also breaks up Batman Incorporated.

With their plan thwarted and their leader gone, the few members of Leviathan who are left fragment into multiple splinter groups. Talia eventually comes back to life, but she’s no longer involved with what remains of Leviathan, so she leaves for some different country.

I think they tried to retcon that the original leader of Spyral actually created Leviathan, but I’m not sure what that’s all about.


Thank you that was a great deal of help now I’m up to speed the New Leviathan storyline has been good can’t wait to find out who was responsible