Well just saw joker and have lots to say and lots of thoughts. What was true? What wasn’t? I know a lot of it wasn’t true and knowing the joker I know he fabricated this story to make the therapist at the end feel bad for him but at the same time the Joker just HAS to steal the show at the end because he’s dramatic and loves the lime light. What do you guys think??

I don’t know if your theory is correct or not. I think the events did place and were not all delusions. Certainly there were at least some delusions concerning his neighbor, but I would accept that rest all took place.

He’s not saying they were delusions.

He’s saying that the Joker was lying.

Clearly, some of what we saw were hallucinations on his part, especially after he no longer took his medication. How much of it was or wasn’t is left, perhaps intentionally, vague. Heck, based on the final scene, an argument could be made for the entire film being a hallucination of the Joker’s, while sitting there in therapy at Arkham. Multiple choice pasts and all.


It’s all intentionally left ambiguous, which I find very appropriate and more interesting.The story was just as likely to be true as it wasn’t. Thomas Wayne may be Arthur’s father or he may not.

I interpreted the events to have happened and to be true. The joke he was referring to a the end being the Waynes and Bruce, his potential half brother.

Loved the film. I hope it makes all the money and isn’t ignored come award season. More DC movies like this please.

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