Let's Talk Harley Quinn Season 2: Who Will We See?

In respect of season 2 of the DC universe favorite Harley Quinn dropping in 2 days, - the official unofficial parody for DC- I wanted to ask who everyone’s favorite character was and what you were hoping to see in season 2. Let’s be honest here though everyone’s favorites are either Bane, Kite Man, Poison Ivy, or Frank the carnivorous talking plant. Am I right or am I right?

But what I’m really hoping to see is it pick up right where it left off and everything go back to normal. I feel like Harley needs a better story arch here, she needs to be able to find herself outside of the Joker’s shadow, but I believe that she needs her friends around her to really grasp that. It would be nice to see her find herself without her friends but i really don’t think that’s going ot happen. I really love this show but with the current vision of Harley Quinn, the whole anti-hero independent woman persona she has taken on in recent years, it gives the character two paths to take. Either follow that exact path of anti-hero or switch it back entirely. The villain, but send her independent versus the Joker’s maid (that’s a good way to put it right?). But anyway i think Harley is the all time perfect character to be represented in an animated format. Afterall, she was introduced in Batman: TAS. She’s comedical, relatable, and pitiful. Her whole life has been a tragedy and she just doesn’t know it.

Anyway I am loving this show, please comment what you would like to happen or what you think will happen, and come back after the season premiere and either edit your comment or tell me what you enjoyed the most about it, try to hold back spoilers as much as possible though, it’s part of the DC universe community guidelines, and I don’t want anyone getting in trouble. :smile:

Have a great day everyone and please stay safe!!!


From the couple of previews and things that I saw, it looks like it picks up right where season 1 ended. Everything is still in chaos, and Harley’s still trying to make a real name for herself. I would say that she still has a lot of character development to go through, and with her crew backing her up I think she’ll find her way.

To be honest though, I am far more interested in seeing what becomes of the Justice League and Batman. It would be amusing if they really delved into the Bat family and do a light, parody version of Battle for the Cowl. Not as the focal point of the story, but just as an amusing side plot while Harley and Ivy inevitably get closer to becoming a couple.

Either that, or halfway through the season Harley’s gonna realize that being a villain isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, she frees the JL from the storybook, Batman resurfaces somehow, and Harley gets started on a new path of heroism before settling down as an antihero.


also i have question for you, i have noticed these before but never asked, how did you get that hero badge next to your name?

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Under preferences, you can set whatever you want your title and flair to be. Make sure to hit “Save Changes” after you’re done though, cause I always forget and then get confused when nothing’s changed :sweat_smile::joy:

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I want to see Joker after he fell in the acid again.

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i guess im forgetting what happened at the end

What do you want to see for season two of Harley Quinn? I honestly would love to see Superman drop the F bomb :bomb: ; it would be shocking because no one would ever expect it and it would be a guarantee laugh. I can see it now people doing reaction videos on YouTube because you never expect to see that!

I’d like to see Tommy Monaghan. I mean, we’ve got Noonan’s!

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The show is very good but it’s not kid friendly but I still wach it tell the very last one


I subscribed to dcuniverse.com because of the Kaley Cuoco/Lake Bell Harley Quinn show. As an added bonus, I get all these other great animated movies, plus a boat-load of awesome comics! It’s a win-win!


Glad you love the service. I hope ou lik the community just as much.

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I get the kid-friendly part. My fondest hope is that DCU will add a bleep out feature, like a built in VIdAngel


Dc I just got a notification for this now when it was posted a month ago… might want to look into that.

Anyway my hope is that the contracts for all the dc properties will eventually get streamlined threw this service. I actually loved Harley and Doom patrol but now I’ve already showed all the good old shows to my kids and they ran out of content