:00_shazam: :00_shazam: Let's Talk About The New Champion of Shazam! :00_shazam: :00_shazam:


From writer Josie Campbell and artist supreme Evan “Doc” Shaner comes to the latest adventure to star The Big Red Cheese, The New Champion of Shazam!

However…this is not Billy Batson’s tale. No, no. In this four issue mini-series, the adventure focuses on Mary Bromfield and her adventures as Earth’s Mightiest Mortal.

If you’d like to see what lead to this mini, check out the last Shazam mini-series, which did star Billy Batson:

Also…if you’re interested in Shazam, sneak a peek at this swell trailer that thundered down on SDCC, and made many of us say “Holy moly!”:

If you’d like to get an idea of what writer Josie Campbell and artist Evan “Doc” Shaner bring to the table prior to soaring into The New Champion of Shazam!, you can check out some of their previous work for DC right here:

Josie Campbell

Hint: Flip to “Dead Space” in the back of the mag. :wink:

Evan “Doc” Shaner

Are you excited for Mary’s adventures as the new Shazam, and…what’s your take on the first trailer for Shazam!: Fury of the Gods (don’t worry if you found yourself rooting for Helen Mirren, as she’s an absolute badass and an on-screen DC veteran very much worth rooting for :muscle:t2: :nerd_face:)?


The art for this was amazing - definitely loved that. I’m still salty, however, about the de-powering of the family, one of my favorite things about the Johns run. :frowning:


I know of your fondness for Joshua Middleton covers, so did you snag his variant for #1? I surely did. The regular cover is cool, but I had to have the Middleton piece over it.

While I’m not a big fan of Middleton’s covers in general, I liked the wistful and hopeful air Mary has on his cover.

Speaking of Johns’ run, I’m kind of surprised that doesn’t get brought up as often as his other character-defining runs.

I don’t know that I’d put his Shazam on the level of his work on Superman, Teen Titans, The Flash and/or Green Lantern (among others), but its still a solid run.

My favorite things from #1:

:00_shazam: Everyone saying “Cheeeeese!” while Freddy says “Fromage!” and Darla chimes in with “Hee-hee! Freddy said cheese weird!”

Sometimes, the best things in a superhero book have nothing to do with cool costumes, heroes, villains or breathtaking adventure. The quiet moments can have just as big of an impact and make you smile.

:00_shazam: Cassidy. She’s a fun, new character and she belts out “Dun, dun, dun!” with the best of 'em.

:00_shazam: The talking bunny. He definitely deserves carrots. :smile:

:00_shazam: Mary as Shazam! when she and Disaster Master rumble. The scene where she says “Shazam!” would make for a mighty nice poster.

Fun issue overall, and I eagerly look forward to #2.


I did not snag the Middleton cover. There’s such a wealth of good ones, and except for Stephanie Brown, I try really, really hard not to double dip!

So, so true.

I’m a bit confused on where this talking bunny fits with the super-bunny that we saw in the Shazam Rebirth #1 backup.


Same. However, I’ll happily double-dip on a book that has a Jim Lee variant that sells for cover price (ala World’s Finest #1 and Dark Crisis #1), and/or variants that really grab me and are just flat-out cool (and also sell for cover)…such as the Terry and Rachel Dodson variant for next week’s World’s Finest #6, which spotlights Supergirl and the Barbara Gordon Batgirl.

Maybe a precursor to a “Shazam!: Battle of the Magic Bunnies” one-shot? :man_shrugging:t2:


make it happen, DC.


Flip those around, and you’re golden, Ponyboy. :wink:

Also, I would read the fluff out of a Shazam!: Battle of the Magic Bunnies one-shot.


One shot? I’m talking 12 issues by Tom King and Doc Shaner, full on depressed veteran of the Great Bunny War finds his soulmate, but she’s an enemy soldier, and they must DUEL TO THE DEATH!


Hell with that. :joy:

I’d write a kick-ass one-shot that’s direct, to the point and makes the reader laugh, cry and say “Hell yes!” with a fist pump.

I’d do it, man. Believe me, I would. :batparrot:


I believe you! I just also want this Tom King maxiseries now…


I want Tom King to write an entire story in a one-shot. I believe he can do it man, I do.

hopes millernumber1 knows the comic I’ve now referenced two times


I mean, King’s written many, many one-shots, but I dunno which one particularly you’re thinking of. :wink:


Yeah, he’s written a plethora of one-shots, but I would like to see him write one wherein the whole shebang is told from start to finish…rather than a long, drawn-out affair with mixed results.

Since we’re talking about Shazam, I’d like to see him write a Shazam ongoing with Mary as the lead.


It took me a little to get to this one, but I really, really liked it! It looks like it will be a fun mini-series juggling Mary’s wish to find herself at college and her responsibilities as a superhero.

But… really… I’m here for the obscure Golden Age references. Let’s start with “the magic bunny,” Hoppy. Hoppy is revamped version of Hoppy, the Marvel Bunny. The Marvel Bunny was basically Shazam if he was a cartoon rabbit:

He first appeared in Fawcett’s Funny Animals #1.

Then there’s the issue’s villain Disaster Master who is a revamped Marvel Family villain from the Golden Age. Unfortunately, Whiz Comics #144 is not in the Public Domain so I can’t read that one legally unless I buy a very expensive physical copy or unless DC decides to digitize it (probably not likely for a while).

Anyway, I love seeing the old Fawcett characters make comebacks.


I have no idea how I spaced on Hoppy’s Golden Age iteration, as that’s one of my favorite things from GA Captain Marvel/Shazam.


Anyway…I wasn’t aware Disaster Master was a revamp of an older villain. That just makes #1 all the better, as older characters getting a new lease on life are always welcome.

Me too…even if I temporarily blank on them being Fawcett characters. :joy:

slides an extra carrot Hoppy’s way to make up for having forgotten about his GA iteration


Hey, it happens! I’m usually keyed in on looking for those references. It gives me an excuse to download and read more public domain golden age comics which I appreciate…


You might think that in over 30 years of DC fandom, I would have keyed-in on Hoppy as I read #1.

But…nope! I completely and totally forgot about him. :joy:

All I thought was “Hey, cute bunny! Why does he look familiar, though?” as I read on.


Hey, I missed the Darwyn Cooke reference with the Son of John Henry. It can be tough to remember everything from 1938 on…


I bought a digital copy.


Digital is a-okay!

pulls out a legal pad affixed with Shazam! stickers and a pen, then sits up in his chair

So, what’d we think of the book?

clicks his pen with his right hand as he presses his Freud-style glue-on beard back onto his face with his left hand