Let's Talk About Supergirl Special #1

GIRL INTERRUPTED! After joining the Superman Family and their heroic efforts in Metropolis, Kara thought she had found her place in the world. But there’s only room in town for one Supergirl, and Power Girl’s sudden reappearance has made her redundant. Her identity and role are both in question as she looks for answers. Will they lead her out of the city or out of this world?


I didn’t even realize there was a special! Is it just the one shot or are they hoping for an ongoing book?


Right now, just a special, but hopefully if it sells well, we might see more in the future. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I read it and I liked it – it had some really good character beats and introspection for Kara, and it was cool to see her interact with more of the greater Super Family, especially Power Girl, as the solicit hints.

Also, if anyone is either wanting more of Tanaki writing Kara after reading this, or a taste of it before reading this on DCUI, check out the mini she wrote with artist Joelle Jones called Supergirl: Being Super.


Love the first picture art, beside that, I think the special should be interesting.:grinning:


It wasn’t the most action-packed issue, but I enjoyed it. To start, I liked how it worked in context with the rest of the Superman Family books. The battle with Toyman in the beginning could be linked with Toyman’s attack on Metropolis in the 2023 Superman Annual. The story also references Supergirl’s “therapy session” with Power Girl in Action Comics #1053 which is a story I really liked. Some of the scenes with the Supers randomly hanging out and eating take-out are getting a little repetitive, but I’m rolling with it for now since I like all the individual members and the interactions between stories have been relatively strong.

The main focus of the issue had Kara dealing with her hang-ups over competition. I’ve liked the dynamic that has been set up between Kara and Paige in that the fact they are alternate versions of the same person sets up this weird competition between the two. This fact and the Super Twins questions about Krypton sends Kara back to dwell over a time when she choked in the final stretch of a track race on Krypton. It seems that whenever Kara is put in a competitive situation, she tries so hard that she self-sabotages. I find that painfully, painfully relatable. Since we’re on the subject of Supergirl and Powergirl, the visual cue of Kara and Paige eating their cupcakes the same way was a really nice touch.

Again, not very heavy on the action, but the Supergirl Special was a strong character development story which showcased Mariko Tamaki’s ability to make these heroes feel human. Skylar Partridge’s art was also beautiful. The issue does its job of making me want more Supergirl stories in the future.


I’ll admit the impression I had early on was not inspired because the idea of Supergirl feeling alienated and unable to stand out in the Superman family was not exactly original concept. Superboy and Powergirl own special dealt with these themes and personally at the time. It really felt like Supergirl shouldn’t have these problems.

However, while similar, it actually deals with a entirely different theme and it does it in a interesting way. Rather than feeling left out like Superboy or unable to fit in like Powergirl. Supergirl real issue is more a keen to feeling like her actions so far is being second best. She’s certainly tries hard and she often succeeds in more than others, but Kara can’t really shake her own past like not winning a race on Krypton or now with Powergirl. It deals with her past a lot here and that’s entirely unique for Kara.

Honestly while not as impressive, I was getting some Woman of Tomorrow vibes from her outlook and that’s cool thing if Tamaki writing reminds me of Tom King for a bit.


While reading that it also dawned on me that it really does add up when you consider how Kara has spent most of her publication life under Kal’s shadow. That’s more meta-commentary than anything that’s come up in text, but it fits.


As someone who only read but enjoyed Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and Supergirl: Being Super, I enjoyed this one-shot.

Sure, it’s a story about Kara dealing with doubt, but I like how it spotlights that, and her interaction with Superboy and Power Girl was good.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Mariko Tamaki write an ongoing new Supergirl series.


Now that it arrived on Ultra, I finally got around to reading it, even if I have a physical copy lying around.

It was incredibly well done. I’ve not been a huge Marino Tamaki fan in the past but DC really needs to give her an ongoing Supergirl series with Skylar Partridge on art chores.


I do like how this takes a different approach regarding Supergirl’s issues of self-doubt. Still similar but feels fresh enough to keep me engaged and actually want more moving forward. I’ll admit to not being a fan of how PG is currently written and characterized, it conflicts with how I feel the character should be used and portrayed. But I have no problems with how Supergirl is being handled. And I even do like how they interact with each other in this one-shot.


I’m actually glad this was good. I honestly expected something bad, but I really liked how Tamaki written Supergirl here.

Any thoughts on where you like to see them take her after this?

For me, hopefully in the near future, they finally allow Supergirl to become Super-woman. It’s seriously the next logical step for her and she’s deserving of it.


We for sure need an ongoing


I agree - it had some very nice Being Super vibes to it! I liked it a lot more than the current Power Girl and Fire and Ice spinoffs of the Super-line. Kinda bummed that Tamaki isn’t writing either of those.


A decent-enough read, but somewhat meh at the same time.

In any event, my fingers are crossed for a new Supergirl ongoing next year to commemorate her big 6-5 with.