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While I’m at it. I love Chris Samnee’s attention to detail.

For decades, the Marvel Family had signature flying poses that were a part of their visual language, typically a flying Y-pose.

Many characters had their own visual language. Superman had his flying poses, as did Hawkman and others who could fly.

To see Chris Samnee incorporate that was a treat!


Read issue #4, annnd… A lot of fun ideas and moments, but I kept waiting for Billy to stop being a passive character in his own story, and it still doesn’t happen, four issues in. He has yet to take any direct action against the primary antagonists of the story. Not sure what Mark Waid is waiting for, but so far this arc has felt a lot more like a bucket list checklist for Waid than a hero-being-the-primary-protagonist-overcoming-villainy-and-saving-the-day story.

I’m putting this storyline down. I’ll come back for the next one.

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Read #3 yesterday and as usual, absolutely loved what transpired.

Garguax looks like an interesting fellow, so I’m curious where the story will go with him.

Also: Who knew Atlas was such a jerk?

Also also: All hail Ted.

Read the first 4 issues. I enjoy the writing and the art is cool. It does feel maybe a touch slow because it’s taken this long for anyone to realize the truth that’s happening with Billy. But maybe the point is that Mark Waid does have a more longterm plan for the book. And it is introducing orher fun ideas that no doubt will be build upon later.

Also…this is the first time I’ve met Queen Bee and she has claimed domain over my heart :two_hearts:


I’ve been enjoying this new Shazam series, really excited to pick it up each month and hopefully that can keep happening for a while.


100% this. When I see a new issue is out, it’s an instant buy for me. I get lazy on sharing my thoughts on each new issue, because it would just be me spouting my over enthusiasm for what is being put to page and the pessimist in me thinks no one wants to read that.

But seriously: for as long as they keep making new issues, I’ll keep buying. This run already feels historic.


Sees a theater whose marquee reads “TheTerrificToyman’s Thoughts on the Latest Issue of Shazam!”, then moseys up to their box office, says “One please.” to the employee and slides Monopoly scratch across the counter for his ticket.

From one Superman fan to another, I’m curious what you think about the latest adventures of the Fawcett Superman™. :wink:

As for me, I’m loving Shazam! as much as ever. Whenever the latest new to Ultra issue pops up, I zip to it like a bolt of lightning.


Same here!


Mark Waid has left the book as the writer, he confirmed it on Threads. Josie Campbell and Emanuela Lupacchino will be the new creative team on the title. I’m still excited to read this series, but I’ll miss Waid.


I guess I will read Waid’s ryn soon then.

Oh. Poop.

Well, maybe he’s off to work on that Metamorpho book that he playfully insists isn’t a thing? :man_shrugging:t2:

Its been a long time since Waid last wrote Rex solo, so I’d be all for a Shazam! departure if it means a new Metamorpho series by Waid.

I think he’s working on an Action Comics run for one of those “Superman All-Stars” arcs this year. He’s set up as much in Batman/Superman.

Right, but as you know, he also name-drops Metamorpho, then says he’s not doing anything with him.

Something is afoot with Rex, per the pen of Waid, me thinks.

Josie Campbell’a first issue for the series comes out this week. Would like to know everyone’s thoughts on the new issue from the new creative team.

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I’ll happily chime in, once its on Ultra. :superman_hv_4:

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