Let's Talk About Our 2024 New Year's Resolutions (Reading & Collecting Edition)

As I type this, there are approximately 10 days left in 2023. It’s around this time that my thoughts always turn to my reading and collecting goals for the upcoming new year. Like years past, 2023 got away from me with some pretty hefty life changes, so I failed miserably in my goals. Nevertheless, writing them down and sharing them with my friends always seems to help keep me on point.

So please share with me what you want to read and collect for 2024. And we can update on our progress as we go along.


I never make force resolutions. Just read what you want when you want.


Same, its more enjoyable to read what you want to in the moment. I might try to read Dark victory sometime before June.


My goals for 2024 are:

Continue to make good use of DC Universe Infinite Ultra and at least one of these two: Marvel Unlimited, Comixology Unlimited

Keep reading more Archie books, but with an emphasis on more of the digests with their mix of new and reprints.

Read more Disney Comics, particularly more Classic Duck stories and European Mickey tales.

Keep up with all the Facsimile issues but you know, actually read them.

Crack open the comic strip collections, special edition hardcovers and Twomorrows books that I’ve been collecting for the last year.

Keep track of every issue I read for the entire 365 days this year.


Sadly my new years resolution regarding my beloved DC Comics, will be getting smaller, I have to start budgeting better over all and I hate to admit it but buying subscriptions just no longer can take priority in my life, Sobs… I HAVE AN ADDICTION!

But it isn’t as if ima give it up completely, I am just not spending $60.00 a month anymore, I hope to get it down to $20 a month by the first part of the year or summer when ever my current subscriptions end. Then I can just let my LCS hold my subscriptions till I have a good batch to read.

BUT, I might swap out subscriptions for picking up a few more awesome Mcfarlane DC Figures, I have Hal, I hope to get John and Kyle, and I hope they will come out with Guy Gardner soon.


I am doing a one reading per day of animation series comics, I even made a thread about each comics I’ve read, look like I’m ending 2023 and entering 2024 with reading Batman & Robin Adventures.
In 2024 I’ll continue reading with The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years, Superman Adventures, Batman: Gotham Adventures, Justice League Adventures, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Adventures & Batman Beyond. And much much more, so stay tune for those if you like to follow along my reading Adventures. The link is in my profile.:nerd_face::books::books::books::books::books::books::books::books::books::books:
I’ve really got alot of reading to do.
Also looking forward to reading Superman78, Batman89, Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, World’s Finest: Teen Titans, The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries, The Penguin, and tons of old comics from 1938 to the present.:slightly_smiling_face: