My jaw is on the floor. I’ve rarely had my jaw drop this much. There’s a couple of questions that I have but otherwise OMG!! Krypton s2 better be coming to DCU.


I remember watching it when it aired and being STUNNED by the ending. The delivery on THAT line was amazing. And if that wasn’t enough of a jaw-dropper, the final final scene made me want season two all the more.

I think it’ll air on Syfy first, and after a year or so we’ll get it here on the DC Universe app…I’m assuming.


I’m hoping because it’s free with ads on Syfy’s website that we get it sooner.

I still can’t tell who he ends up with in the end though, and is little baby Vex going to be Jor-El?

@behemoth.Ravenlord Did you finish it?

The finale was fantastic!

Also, the clone thing was big surprise. Maybe that’s why her dad didn’t hesitate to try to kill her. He could’ve perceived her as a clone instead of his daughter. That whole relationship was just sad.



I don’t think Seg made a final decision about who he’s with. I can’t wait to see how that turns out in Season 2.

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The clone thing didn’t surprise me too much because that’s been a part of Krypton lore in the past, specifically the New 52, where there was basically a crazy clone war and were banned – which made interactions between Supergirl and Superboy more than a little awkward during that time period, but they grew to trust each other with time.

But yeah, the whole ending in general was crazy. I was curious to see how they were going to handle staying in this time period, and I think stuff like this will definitely make the show last longer in unique, credible ways.

Also, I feel like this is probably the best take on General Zod I’ve EVER seen, in comics or in movies.

I had one thought which is more my being picky about genetics.

Seg is white
Lyta is a lighter black
Dru Zod is a dark black. So he should be half black? I don’t know its just a thought I had. Honestly though I’d rather have the best casted person in the role.

The show went bigger than I ever expected, which was awesome. Brainiac looked amazing and was properly menacing. I look forward to seeing the world expand in the future. I’m interested in seeing the other Kryptonian Cities, meeting Lara’s family, seeing Lobo take on Doomsday, and maybe explore Rann. :slight_smile:

I thought Nyssa got more and more interesting throughout the show, so I hope her role continues to grow next season. I also liked Kem and Adam as lighter characters, and I found Jayna’s inner struggles interesting.

On the flip side, Lyta didn’t really interest me at all, which is probably an unpopular opinion. She seemed like a nice enough character in regards to the societal rank, but the show didn’t really explore why or really show her struggle with the Zod ideology. Her struggle seemed more related to mother/child relationships than Zod vs El or Zod vs Lyta herself. I found that odd, since we saw Jayna’s struggle with the Zod legacy. As far as Lyta/Seg is concerned, they were together at the start, somehow (again unexplored/unexplained), and they just seemed to grow apart over the course of the show. Questionable decisions were made on tossed out 'trust me’s, and trusts were broken/eroded. The relationship generally felt flat to me - they were in love because the show said so, not because I felt it. Seg’s goodbye (when freezing) was good/convincing, but it didn’t feel earned to me because I didn’t understand why Lyta was so important to him.

As for Kal-El’s grandmother, I sort of hope we haven’t met her yet. For one reason, I’m not a fan of the idea that Dru-Zod is Kal-El’s uncle - there are other ways for Zod to have El blood (clones, previously mixed bloodlines, time travel shenanigans, etc.). For another reason, I think this series is 200 years before Kal-El’s birth, and Cor-Vex is supposed to only live 173 cycles, so he can’t be Jor-El/Zor-El in disguise (unless time travel shenanigans).


Yes, I saw it all. But that still makes me wonder when little Baby Jor shows up.

A lot of the family naming conventions and lineage doesn’t make any sense to me and it is one of the few things holding me back from calling the show amazing as those parts of the show have some of the weakest writing. That being said that is just me and could all easily be fixed in Season. No doubt Seg will get out of the Phantom Zone and be alright (mostly) but I hope it isn’t hand-waved away. I wanna see in the phantom zone and how this visually brilliant show would depict it.

While I don’t super like changing Zod to make him really an El it is growing on me a bit and I have always loved the actor who is portraying him. I kind of would love to see a flashback? flash forward? (idk) to him and Jor-El as friends honestly some people are asking to see Superman in this show, while that may be cool and is something they should do eventually (much further along [if they last]) I would much rather get into exploring Jor-El Dru-Zod and Zor-El all knowing each other and what that was all like as told my these creators.

Can’t believe Lyta left her mum for dead, and didn’t tell Dev-Em. Err, isn’t that what she did for Dev-Em, until she found him useful to go back and see if he was still alive? She might have told him that when she was getting him to feel sorry for her. Perhaps she should have tried to go back and find her mum. There’s gratefulness for you.

We shall see!

Love the characters of Jayna and Lyta.

After the ending of season 1, I’m excited for season 2. I think there’s a lot of potential. I didn’t like season 1 because I thought it was kind of drawn out and boring, but I’m not going to let that stop me from watching season 2. So many of my favorite shows had lackluster first seasons because they were still trying to find their footing.