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November sees the debut of The New Golden Age, which will feature new Justice Society-based titles via the Stargirl: The Lost Children mini-series and the ongoing Justice Society of America, both written by Geoff Johns, who is no stranger to the Justice Society franchise, thanks to other works such as JSA and Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.

However…there are other noteworthy Justice Society-based series from the last several years not written by Geoff Johns, with one of those being JSA All-Stars, which ran from 2009 to 2011, and focused on a splinter group of JSA members who broke off from the core Society to form their own team.

If JSA All-Stars is brand-new to you, you can jump into the action and adventure that stars Power Girl, Magog and upcoming movie stars Cyclone and Atom Smasher right here:

Is JSA All-Stars an all-star read for you?

Are you brand-new to the Justice Society franchise because of the upcoming Black Adam movie and you’re wanting to know more of the Society as Black Adam and November’s The New Golden Age inch ever further towards release?

Whatever your experience with the Justice Society franchise, you’re welcome to chit-chat about JSA All-Stars down below!


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It is way better than the main JSA book at the time. The first storyline (Constellations) is my favorite since it is so bad its good. After that the plotting and writing gets more solid making it less fun.

I have no idea why people keep saying this is a Magog based book when he probably gets the least page time of everybody since he is always rage quitting. If it is somebody’s book it is Power Girl. As a Power Girl fan (I put on her the list of my 5 favorite DC Super Heroines after all) I am fine with that.

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Power Girl doesn’t get enough love.


People keep seeing her as just a sex symbol instead of the tragic cat lover desperately trying to find a new home.

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I’m not sure what the current deal with her is, but I just wanted a story after she found out she was one of the last survivors of a dead universe, and the closest to relatives she has are another universe’s version of her and her cousin, and they lovingly accept her as family, but there’s never enough time between events for stories like that.

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She did that in “Wake the Sandman” just with the JSA, not the Super family.

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I agree and disagree.

My thoughts on both books at the time were that Justice Society of America was the well-crafted and intelligent blockbuster, while JSA All-Stars was more of a buckle your seatbelt and don’t think too much about the ride while you enjoy it experience.

Not throwing shade on All-Stars by any means, as it was a very fun ride, but more often than not, I found JSOA to be the better series from a storytelling standpoint, while All-Stars was the flashier thrill-ride.

Absolutely agree. I haven’t read All-Stars since its originally came out, but wasn’t PG one of the team’s principal leaders, if not the leader?

That, among other reasons cough Black Adam and The New Golden Age cough, is why I’m starting my re-read of the series.

Agree with all of the above.

Power Girl is one of my all-time favorite DC characters (she’s in my top 10, easy) and anyone who thinks she’s just a nice body and nothing more is absolutely WRONG.

Karen is exceedingly intelligent, witty, strong, kind-hearted, incredibly confident, cares deeply about her families (be they :superman:uper or Society-based), loves cats and she’s a ferocious ass-kicker who doesn’t take **** from anyone, whether its in her civilian guise when she’s in a boardroom meeting or as a first-rate superhero.

Is she beautiful? Yes. PG’s physical beauty is undeniable, but it really is what’s on the inside that makes Karen such a badass, both figuratively and literally, as her mental beauty is also undeniable.