Lets talk about Gotham...

Okay, so I am a huge huge can of Gotham. Hands down my favorite show ever. If your a fellow Gothamite, continue this thread! We can talk about plots, ships and anything related to CW’s Gotham.


I am fan too. They have included a lot of the Rogues Gallery too. Almost everybody I think. Wish they explained what happened to Harvey Dent. I think a lot of fans were mad that he was already grown up and they abandoned his story. He was promoted to a reoccurring role. Montoya also seemed to disappear too.

Also when they were doing Strange’s monsters, I think that would have been a good place to add Croc.

I would have liked to see the transformation from Viper to Venom too.

They have tons of Easter eggs and acknowledgments of the comics. I love it.

It’s a great show. It’s its own canon. Great talent…

Barbara is the best!!


Are their only 2 episodes left?

Yeap and the last one will be a time jump and we will get The Dark Knight

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Been a fan since the first season, though I will admit the show really picked up in season two. I’m astounded with what they’re able to do and where they’ve been going as of late. They actually made me care for Bullock, which is not an easy feat, I have to say


Sorry all, but I loathe Gotham. From the characterizations, casting, to the costume and visual design

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I love the show! At some point I lost track of it (follow via NetFlix) and think I just got too impatient and assumed it was cancelled. Anyways I’m towards the end, if not just finished with, season 4. Does anybody here know where I can find some reliable behind the scenes info about the show: influences for character designs, writing etc?

I think my favorite thing about the show is how it has really become a live action comic, the way Heroes did. It’s less like a crime drama and just way more…comic-y and it only makes me love it more.

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Not tryna be mean or anything, but that typo made me laugh out loud!


@dorian.wilde03.57846 excellent point!

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Fantastic topic, @Elle_Rivecca19! I really love Gotham. They managed to make something truly unique while paying homage to original comic content. The costumes, personas, music, and set design were stellar! Being set in Gotham, discovering the ins and outs of our favorite characters while remaining focused on the city itself really stood out against the many iterations of typical Batman stories. I believe that the final season was out of the writer’s control so I don’t blame them for ending on a disappointing note after such a solid run. I’m grateful that I caught the show while it was still airing new episodes and rewatch it often with fond memories. :heart:


One of my favorite shows. Arkham Asylum shots sent chills down my spine every time. I felt like I was being hauled into lock up whenever they showed those gates. Also, the blimps in Gotham, I mean c’mon, just perfect.