Let's Talk About DC Compact Comics

I think this is a good idea but i agree with MatthewHecht about the print size. Im not as young as i once was and the eye site definitely not as good as it once was either so i even have trouble sometimes with regular comics. So are these new books going to still be the full size pages of the original comic or will the panels be broke down into more pages for the smaller book size? If they do that I would be interested in some of these since i haven’t read some of those stories.


The more I think of it the more I think the compacts are the exact opposite of what they should be doing. They should be advertising all the digital comics, as that is the more practical way to find giant collections of books, where they likely only want a few anyway, and that stops the issue of limited space at stores not entirely devoted to comics.

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They should include a link/QR code for a free TPB with digital and physical versions of TV Shows and Movies. Make sure it’s a complete story (one issue these days doesn’t work) and related to film.

Or maybe a free month of DCUI and advertise it as a streaming service for comics. Though, these days that could be a bad thing with the multitudes of niche streaming services.


Maybe single issue storylines like put “My Heroes” or “A Star is Born” with Stargirl DVDs.


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