Let's Show That We Don't Want Any CW Like Originals On Here

Hey all, in light of recent rumors that some higher ups want to cancel some of the more original shows on here like Doom Patrol and the already cancelled Swamp Thing for more shows in line with the CW shows. Now I’m definitely not saying any of those shows are bad but they’re not what I signed up for when I got this app. So let’s show them on their own platform that this is not what we as the fans want too see.


If any of these rumors are true. I don’t like it


I didn’t sign up for the CW cringy material at all. I got no problem cancelling my subscription, if something like that comes to fruition.

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I wouldn’t mind.

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Especially if it meant a tv-14 rating instead of tv-ma.

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There are a million rumors running rampant a lot of which contradict each other. So who knows what is happening. We are just going to have to take a wait and see approach.


As long as DCU stays free from the demands of advertisers I dont imagine that will happen. Those shows have an incredibly small viewership, despite the shows being free and accessible to anyone with a television set. It would be like paying more for less product.
Cable TV succeeded because people were willing to pay for better content, or at least very specific and niche programming: MTV when they only had music videos, CNN when they were a news network, AMC when they only played classic movies, HBO for unedited film, Sci-fi when it was only known Sci-Fi ip, ect. DCU is to streaming as the Disney Channel was to cable tv.
To be fair to CW, I’ll bet those shows would be vastly improved if they weren’t beholden to the limitations of Network Television and had shorter, more focused seasons.


This is one of the more silly rumors running around right now. Although to be completely honest, I think Titans might be better on CW. I would rather the Teen Titans be fun, lighthearted, and colorful, and I think that CW does that pretty ok, despite turning everything into a soap opera. Doom Patrol however is the last thing that I would want to see as a CW show.


Get the &$<$^ greedy moneybags out of creators’ way. SWAMP THING’s cancellation was for shameful reasons, and a show that amazed every viewer was axed over “creative” differences. Not enough $$$ for those mendacious fat cats to make!


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Supergirl and 1.0-1.3million viewers, and rgdg know that at least a other 30% are now watching it on Netflix.

What did DP do, 1/10th of that? 100k?

Get the greedy money bags out of the way… seriously?

If it wasn’t for those greedy money bags as you call them, you wouldn’t have shows.

Who do you think is gonna foot the bill? You?


@desade, that’s a very small viewership for a network television show. Again, free-to-watch and available to everyone with a TV. Doom Patrol is on a small, niche subscription service. The point is that one is beholden to strict network regulations that is intended to comfort advertisers and one is free to experiment because its funded largely by subscriptions.


I love how since day 1 people have been backing their complaints by threatening to cancel their subscription , I see you’re still with us lol


Hey let’s start a petition to have all the negative haters actually cancel their subscriptions and leave the comments to the actual fans so we don’t have to sift through all this $#!+


Both CW and DCU are creating great shows. The CW ones are probably palatable to a larger audience though. If I had my choice I would prefer that they remained as is with CW doing fun mainstream and DCU doing niche shows. But if they don’t believe in the economy of the niched shows I would love a bigger set of CW style shows. I really hope Stargirl is closer to the CW style tbh.


The CW shows have their share of greatness. I wouldn’t mind a show in their vein as a DCU original.

just does not see what some people have against CW shows


Supergirl one million eyeballs makes it profitable and bringing in revenue for a season 5.

Supergirl (and others) can’t drop f-bombs, or have nudity. CWVERSE has its place and viewership (which is larger than any DCU original.)

FCC regulations do prohibit certain things, but those regulations don’t prohibit good shows. You seem to think that only “unregulated” content has value.

YOU may not like CWverse shows, great for you. 1millon+ people are in a different camp. DP & ST would get crushed ratings wise by any CWVERSE show. Is CWVERSE more approachable than DCU originals, the answer is yes. Get over it.

If CWVERSE showed anything this season, it is more “experimental” & “subversive” than ANYTHING DCU Originals have been. Supergirl bringing in an openly Trans heroine. That’s a bigger deal for comic book tv, than anything being done by anybody else.

Yes, they are beholden to advertisers and they make money. What is wrong with that. DCU Originals are geared more towards a “hardcore” fan base. And that’s fine too. Each exist, each have a fan base, some of which overlap. WB is making more money on CWVERSE than DCU shows. So you should be thankful the CWVERSE exists, it’s helping to pave (and pay) the way for DCU Originals.

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Pretty sure Stargirl will be in the CW vein when it comes to tone. Obviously speculation, but I imagine it will be a tighter, more focused story with very minimal filler episodes.


I can’t stomach the CW ( Smallville) style anymore. To me that has ran it’s course and is now over staying it’s welcome. So I back you, @the_grayson


@Desade, calm down, no need to whip out your caps lock. You are welcome to love CW I’m not judging you. Fact is, the shows have a small viewership. Theres a reason CBS dropped Supergirl and Constantine, low ratings and small viewership. Nowhere near what they were looking for. Advertisers on the big networks are looking for Big Bang Theory and Americas Got Talent numbers, 14-18 million.
As far as Doom Patrol getting crushed on networks, I agree. If it were on a national network it would be neutered, water downed, and over simplified to make advertisers feel safe. When that doesnt work, they’d just move it to CW where low ratings dont apparently matter. It would be a completely different show though

Heres CBS President Leslie Moonves on the CW: “The CW as an entity may lose some money. However, CW is owned by two companies that produce the shows. The shows bring us more revenue than the losses do. So it’s still valuable, and there’s still a marketplace for it.”


Essentially the shows themselves lose money, but they make that up by selling it to every streaming service under the sun.

Meanwhile at HBO, a paid subscription service with no advertising revenue Game of Thrones just got viewed by 17 million + despite taking its subject matter seriously, despite featuring naughty language, despite extreme violence.