LETS NOT ARGUE and agree Batman Forever is a good movie

…Jim Carrey played a awesome Riddler and we got a good performance from the others, the camp was good also…Riddle me this!!


My personal opinion is - I can get behind this – Batman forever was a very good movie – Tommy Lee Jones as Two-face too – a little cheesy but all in all a good movie.

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Well, people will have their opinions. But I think Batman Forever is underrated. It has just enough camp to be a fun time but still has some seriousness to it (I’m thinking of the scene in particular where Bruce is trying to discourage Dick from taking revenge on his parents, because he’s been there before and it didn’t help). Also Carrey is a great Riddler, if a little bit derivative of Joker. I haven’t seen the movie in awhile, though, but I’ll definitely be rewatching it soon.

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