Lets never forget DC and Marvel had crossovers in their comics.

The most interesting crossover has to be when Batman and Wolverine fused into the dark claw. They are the most grittiest characters of their respective universe and then they become one? That’s a lot of grit if you ask me.


Recently both companies have acknowledged being in the same multiverse and i know several Marvel comics went to parallel earths and saw what appeared to be part of the costumes of DC characters. Don’t know if that means anything or not. Probably just an easter egg for the fans.


Ahh yes…the Amalgam Universe… how could we forget. Bring us the classics like Amazon (WW+Storm), White Witch (Zatanna+Scarlet Witch), Dark Claw (Batman & Wolverine), Super-Soldier (Superman + Capt. America), Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Fate+Dr. Strange+Prof X), and Spider-Boy (Superboy+Spider-Man)


Not just Marvel, but Dark Horse and others. I really like those crossovers and have been trying to obtain them, some digitally and some TPB. Good stuff.

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I see comics in the near future possibly doing that again, but I have 0 hope for movies to do that. Best you’ll ever get is Deadpool killing Ryan Renanlds before he could shoot Green Lantern haha! ( guess There’s a reason Green Lanern isn’t on here an no one has asked for it haha)