Let's discuss The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix

What does everyone think of the casting and of what we have seen so far?


Too early to say. Without context, I do not approve of this Joker’s looks, but that could change given context.

I seen a picture, looks cool. Cant wait to here how he talks. Will he use his real voice or will he change it like Heath Ledger did. This is my top 5 movies I’m looking forward to see next year. :grinning:

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I have mixed feelings honestly. But am looking forward to seeing another take on the character.

Since in not such a die hard. So to speak. This failed comic origin story…is it the most accepted or just one of many?

We haven’t really seen much yet. Not digging the face paint but I’ll wait for the trailer. Great casting!


They havent shared much. He does look nuts. So, there’s something they got right.

It’s too soon to tell, but right now I’m not completely sold on Phoenix’s Joker. In fairness, he’s a great actor and probably should be given benefit of doubt, but still… :man_shrugging:t2::grimacing:

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If any of you are unsure about Phoenix I highly recommend watching We Own the Night. Great film and he can definitely pull off the Joker vibe.

The costume reveal had me convinced right away which is something that I tend to dismiss right away.