Let’s Talk All About Prez

Prez” is the name of several characters appearing in comics published by DC Comics.

The original was Prez Rickard, the first teenage President of the United States who appeared in a short-lived comic series by writer Joe Simon and artist Jerry Grandenetti.

Similar characters have appeared since then, revisiting the concept or paying homage to the original character. In 2015, DC published a miniseries about a teenage girl named Beth Ross who is elected President via Twitter.



With the new edition of the 2015 Prez coming out, I finally started reading the big old collection of all the older stories.

What a strange trip so far….


Yep, the whole thing was bizarre in the best way possible.

Also finished the new edition of Mark Russell’s 2015 series:


Glad to see a new story but I wonder what the second half of the series could have been.


What would say are the biggest differences in approach regarding the different runs? Also, you make it sound like the 2015 book was cut short. Is that true?


It was originally solicited as a 12 issue series, yes.


Incredibly both books are very good at predicting things such as a storming of the capital and a pandemic.

The original series was wacky spitballing while the 2015 was the usual Mark Russell skewering of politics and corporate greed. Obviously with 42 years between them they are vastly different in style.

In the trade that collects the original 4 issues, plus the unpublished 5th, as well as 70s Supergirl story, a Sandman tale from Gaiman and the Vertigo Visions by Ed Brubaker. All very well done but they all build on each other to tell a bigger story.

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I would love to see a modern series of this. It’d be like “Mr. President, inflation has reached a new high, the recession enters its 4th year as you’re running for re-election, sea levels have risen ten feet because of global warming causing thousands of deaths, and all you keep speaking about is Fortnite V Bucks for all and lowering the age to see R rated films to 14…”


The DC You volume of Prez is a great mini (shame it didn’t get to see its original 12-issue lifespan) and a highlight of the era.

I read it then and am re-reading now, via the new collected edition that dropped recently.