Let’s Talk About Tom King & Jeff Spokes’s Jenny Sparks


"This August, DC will launch Jenny Sparks – a six-issue adult-oriented comic book series revitalizing the hero. And who is behind the series? DC’s defacto top writer Tom King – who splits his time between DC’s comic book output and DC Studios these days – along with Batman: Brave & The Bold artist Jeff Spokes (coloring his own work as well), and letterer Clayton Cowles. “The wild storm begins! What could four strangers have to do with the fate of the world? Find out as Captain Atom goes rogue, threatening to destroy the planet he once swore to protect. Can any hero stop him? Well, it may take the most unconventional of them all… Jenny Sparks, the one woman tasked with keeping ALL the heroes in line, no matter the cost. With a snap of her fingers, she’s entered the fray and won’t quit until the job is done!”


I wonder if this series is meant to be set in the 90s. Jenny Sparks is the spirit of the 20th century, and each Jenny dies as their century ends to return as the next one, so her being around in the modern day would raise some questions.


instead of calling jenny sparks a baby, maybe can just call her earth’s mightiest mutant.




Jenny’s sparkle is back y’all! :zap::zap:

Isn’t it crazy we also got news about Storm as well. Like what a coincidence. :sweat_smile:


I would hope so. That boob window crop top certainly feels like a 1997 club kid.

Could also be some sort of craziness of someone trying to resurrect or clone her, or time travel, and the chaos it brings outside her designated century, potential conflict with Jenny Quantum (who would now be aged to adulthood) and her powers, etc. That sort of shenanigans feels a bit more Tom King to me.

Personally, I’d love to see the time travel angle, maybe bring Jenny Freedom in as well as some as-yet-unexplored Century Babies as a Council of Jennies.


Oh, I didn’t realize there was a press release!

“The Spirit of the 20th Century comes to the 21st to try to save five men and women taken hostage by an out-of-control and infinitely powered Captain Atom. Through this lens, we’ll explore the grip of Jenny’s time on our own; how, despite all our desperate prayers, the sins of our past refuse to die away.

So, that sounds like literally pulling her into current timeline?

In DC’s new Jenny Sparks , Jenny is the Spirit of the 20th Century, resurrected for the 21st.

Not sure if I’m to read this as literal in-story resurrection or just resurrection of the character? With a “Captain Atom gone rogue” story arc and the modern Stormwatch, who knows?


I don’t see anything good coming of this. Wipe jenny Quantum from existence, create Jenny Crisis, and now reincarnate Sparks. I can’t see Midnighter or Apollo happy to see their former leader

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Sounds good. I’m a simple man – I see Tom King doing a new mini, I pick it up.

What I’m curious about is how or if this is going to synergize with the DCU movies – there is an Authority movie in production. I was under the assumption that we would get Jenny Quantum in there – I imagine an edgy Gen Z leader of the team could be a good foil for our more heroic characters like Superman – but I wonder if they’re going to do something with Jenny Sparks instead. The idea of the past century still trying to push and manipulate the world despite it being perhaps past her time could resonate as well.

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In story? Or in a larger meta context?

In story, I think you’re absolutely right. I don’t want to over-read into covers, but we see Midnighter, Apollo, Engineer, and Swift (plus Captain Atom and Batman), the solicit mentions four strangers that have something to do with the fate of the world, but the press release five hostages taken by Cap’n’. So assuming the Authority members aren’t the victims, could they be the strangers? Do we start in a state where the Authority hasn’t been formed yet? Or are the four strangers unrevealed, and her former teammates are there because they’re worried about her presence and impact on the world after (presumably) Batman resurrected, conjured, or otherwise “requested her assistance” with the situation?

Meta-wise, I don’t think it will have any impact on main DCU continuity, though now I’m interested see if Jenny Sparks (or Crisis) is even mentioned.

It’s Black Label, and I suspect continuity-wise its in that “what-if/what-might-be” category that he talked about in his 2022 post.

These are books that could be continuity, but aren’t yet in continuity, and most likely won’t ever be in continuity. They’re almost like a threat of continuity.

In fact, I suspect it might be the book he was talking about in that article;

But I do have a book coming up some day in this world, and it’s immensely fun. This part of Black Label allows us to take DCU characters to limits we can’t in the main line.

Whoa. I clearly need to catch up on Outsiders!

That’s an awesome point. I was also expecting Jenny Quantum until Jeff informed me of Jenny Crisis. So now, who knows what the film will do? This is clearly a sort of a playground to try out ideas with Jenny Sparks in modern day. Might not be the mechanism they use in the movie, but lays out the concept to see how it works. I think the movie would be hella fun to take place in the 90s, maybe literally the fall of 1999, so it doesn’t directly impact whatever they’re building with the Supercousins until they want it to (i.e. Authority 2). But I like your idea of Jenny in modern day as a representation of “the 20th century’s influence on the 21st”… That could be really cool to explore.


I’m still getting used to blond Jenny Sparkles as I’m kind in awe of the rebooted Jenny Sparkle some years ago. She was pretty cool.


An Authority/HIMYM mashup is the crossover I didn’t know I needed until today.


Neither, story might be decent, I expect no less from Mr. King, but at the end of issue 6 Batman will go back to his 5011 books and Captain Atom, The Authority, and Jenny will go back in a box till someone springs them again.

I assume Jereon is still dead, but where’s Jack? If you’re gonna put the band back together, put the entire band back together.

DC comics is a big company. I believe there might be DCEU loyalist trying to complicate Mr. Gunn’s vision. Can’t really mess with Superman or Supergirl, but his pet project, The Authority, can be messed with due to unfamiliarity.


I dunno, I don’t think there’s anything nefarious afoot, but I get your point about putting characters back in the box. (Or in the House of Heroes, per Grant Morrisson’s standard.)

As we near the release of The Authority, I would imagine that we should actually get more stories under that banner, properly getting the “entire band back together,” just like Suicide Squad started echoing the film line up, Supergirl moved to National City, etc, and most artists start drawing every character more like the actor that was cast.

Tom King does a lot of what Morrison did; bring our attention to characters who have been long forgotten. Or just underappreciated. Sometimes this helps to elevate said characters in mainline continuity or other media. (See Kite Man and Frankenstein.) Other times it’s a brief flare that nobody else picks up. (See Warlord, Lady Cop, Manhattan Guardian, etc…) I don’t think that’s the fault of the stories they’re writing, but the unfortunate nature of trying to make modern comics a profitable business. Everyone’s got their pet project, and its hard to promote characters beyond the JL core for more than a miniseries. :confused:


Tom King writing a tale starring one of my favorite characters from The Authority?

Slaps some scratch on the counter.


SN: If King should have a new volume of The Authority in the wings, I’m also :heavy_dollar_sign:old on that.